Cryptocurrencies Can Now Be Used To Send Donations For A Good Cause

The strong desire to help other people or the poor stray animals from their helpless situations and be able to really extend a helping hand will definitely make us feel great afterwards. Having a strong sense of compassion deeply rooted in our hearts shows the real good person inside each one of us despite our indifferences and our own struggles which sets us apart from the greedy corporate junkies who just wanted to gain more out of the extreme amount of resources they currently have. These filthy rich people are the ones really capable of sharing their extra funds to the needy but they just roll their wealth to gain more. It is time to turn the tides and just be a great help to the ones who actually need help and start feeling good about it after we successfully done the awesome deed of kindness.

Cryptocurrenices through the power of peer to peer transactions will now help us to share our extra funds that targets our chosen charitable institutions or even if it is just a plain great cause by a notable person.

Let the power of this technological breakthrough make our everyday lives easier and time-efficient. It is indeed known to everyone that crypto will be the latest trend and the future of money in this digital world.

I would like to share my own plan of utilizing this breakthrough in creating my own good cause to help out the stray animals that would come to my attention from social media or sharing a very heart-touching story of compassion directly to me.

I would try the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to send micropayments so that even a small amount transferred would be possible without any hassle of its fees. 

I would be more than willing to accept cryptocurrencies of any kind since I do have CoinPayments with more than 1,200 digital assets to store. I will also be posting my active wallets so you can start sending your extra funds as donations for this great cause.

I would also gonna be asking help from other developers and writers who are dwelling here in this powerful social blogging platform for their astounding ideas which can really be a big help for me to become successful with this non-profit venture.

I would focus more on the animals which can not help themselves and would really require the efforts of amazing people who are already doing the great deed. I also came into thinking that our fellow poor human beings need MORE help rather than the animals around us but there are already existing charitable institutions ready to cater to their needs. I will still extend a helping hand with whatever I can for those people.

The Non-Profit Good Cause Activity will be called Animal Welfare Support (AWS)


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Extending a helping hand to the stray animals that we see on the streets, providing food for the animal shelters where we brought them, maintaining their well-being through cleanliness and healthy living, making sure to bring them to the caring pet-lovers through the power of social media and to look for other individuals who also do the same noble act.

The only thing I can say after I do something that would save even one pet out of misery, a great feeling that lingers for a long time.

A good deed from what our compassionate hearts have done will not cover all the sins we did in the past but the overwhelming and awesome feeling  is what matters the most.

What triggered this move to push the good cause to start?

I have already conducted this donation and helping hand drive (fund-raising) more than a year ago to help out a fire-victim which happens to be one of my Facebook friend who lives in Cebu, Philippines. It was a success through the joint efforts of the SteemitPowerUpPh Steemit Community members. We were able to raise funds to help rebuilding our recepient's home that was wiped out because of the fire. Check the whole stories here.

When you were able to help out others, you feel good inside that you could even get proud of. The Strong Force (God) will definitely look for other ways to repay the kindness given. Thank you to everyone behind this Helping Brigade Activity we did. The recepient has also shown his gratitude and thankfulness to everyone as well.

The compassion helping out stray animals has already been existing inside my heart a long time ago.

The YouTube Video is mine. I personally uploaded this video as a Funny Video Experiment for the laughs. This is the doge that I have adopted, healthy, strong and extremely lovable. "Angry Dog Looking At Himslef". Watch the video for some genuine laughs/giggles and you may subscribe to my channel. I am also thinking of doing video blogs for cryptocurrencies in the future.

The Major Plan:

I am now making this good cause campaign for the poor animals that I see everyday on social media and even here in our local community. I will make sure your act of kindness that triggers your compassionate hearts will be put into good use. Maybe a lot of people will raise their eyebrows on this move that I am going to pursue but what matters most is the great feeling that I always have after being able to help. Though I am always accustomed to this enormous feeling because my line of work is in the Technical Support where I help customers in each of the calls I receive but this time, I wanna help the ones who cannot help themselves on their own... the poor animals that are astray. Help me out achieve my goals.

The goals that I will set:

I wanna be realistic and this good cause should also be experienced by my pets and the most recent kitten I have adopted just last night.

I couldn't withstand the thought of kittens dying being run-over by vehicles on the streets. This cute kitten followed me when I was walking on my way home from work last night. I didn't hesitate bringing this poor creature with me. The kitten was so receptive when I called him to come and get near me just to test if he is willing to be adopted and be taken care of. The poor cat let me take him without hesitations and gladly took him home.

I also have an existing cat as a pet but he doesn't really want to get near us and just live alone by himself in our backyard. He just goes inside our home when it is already eating time. Adopting another cat as a pet who's so receptive of the love and care we give is then considered to be a blessing. This cat is really sweet and doesn't give a damn even if my other dog pets are angry having him around.

These are the photos I took last night.


I have just given him a good scrub when he took a bath just a few minutes ago before writing this post. He's now clean and fresh. Feeding time has been fun for this cat as well since he's now already full. 

These are the things that I will do while I accept donations from the rest of the people who are into cryptocurrencies:

I will look for animal shelters to coordinate for me to personally visit and give cat & dog foods to add up to their supplies for FREE. At least I am also making sure that the funds from the donations are really put into good use. I have seen our country's animal welfare organization in which I will be contacting once I reached a significant amount to share with them.

I will support the Non-Profit organizations that I usually see on social media who are helping stray animals and send a part of the donations that was sent to my wallet addresses.

I will also support some charitable institutions that help out poor people, the homeless, and the malnourished children in providing aid to their welfare. This would definitely be vague and a big leap but a small amount of help will definitely be significant to the hearts of the people who will receive your kindness.

This will all be possible through your help and I will also contribute a part of my crypto-trading triumphs and a percentage of my meager salary as a call center agent to this program.

Let me know what cryptocurrency you also want me to create to receive the funds you want to share / donate.

For now, I will just focus on the animals first and will just cross the bridge when I get there. I am seeking for all your support my fellow bloggers and crypto enthusiasts for this awesome move to start helping out and feel good afterwards. Share the same feeling I have always been experiencing when we were able to successfully help out anonymously or with full acknowledgement. Your choice whether to keep your indentity or post your response here on the comments section.


I will be giving out AWS Tokens (Animal Welfare Support) to your Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) address as a form of gratitude. I am the developer of  AWS Token and I am also aiming for token value in the future just by sharing donations for this program helping out the stray animals.

Token info:


A limited supply of 1-Million Tokens only. To ensure it will still have an appraising value soon.

Download Simple Ledger Protocol from Google Play. This runs in the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Let me know your SLP address and will send you 100 AWS Tokens For every $1.00 worth of cryptocurrency you send. This is an optional thing to do if you want something to receive for the kind act. This is just my way of appreciating the kind gesture.

I may create a GoFundMe and other donation platforms to push this Good Cause to gain more funds. I am also seeking for your advice if you know some and let me know how it works. I would have to thank you in advance for all the info you'll share.

I will be giving more updates regarding this cause on Publish0x, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter and (Bitcoin Cash Community)

Check my latest post and follow me on Twitter: 

Check my recent posts here on publish0x:

Thank you so much for checking out this post for a good cause.

Don't let kindness stop on you. It is a domino effect that should not meant to stop.

Expect the awesome feeling after being able to help.

Disclaimer: This is still just a plan and I am honored that I have publish0x as a platform to share this idea to everyone who are knowledgeable in this field. The valuation of the coin just like what we see on the top crypto rankings on coingecko and coinmarketcap are really exceptional programs.

The platform I am using for me to create this coin is just for personal use and will just send merits as AWS Tokens to all SLP wallet addresses holders. It will be shared as a token of gratitude and there is really no assurance for profitability. This is a Non-Profit Program and will just rely solely to your kindness.

I am definitely not begging for everyone to help this great cause to prosper. Will be really grateful for the efforts for those people who will donate any amount. Speculations can really be helpful but it should also be very objective to point out a misleading information.

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Let's all delve into crypto, save, enjoy and share our blessings.

For generous peepz here who would like to donate, or share customized micro-tips, here are my crypto addresses

ERC-20 Ready Etherium Address:
My BCH tipping wallet ID:
Steem and Steem-Backed-Dollars = @fycee
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

For Philippine Bank Transfers: I have a Security Bank and BDO UniBank accounts to send the funds into.


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