CoinPayments (CPS) - The Lowest Transfer Fees With 1,275 Digital Assets To Store
CoinPayments (CPS) - The Lowest Transfer Fees With 1,275 Digital Assets To Store

CPS is the platform token for using CoinPayments Wallet. This is a feature-rich coin that powers the platform. It is also the first asset built on the Syscoin Blockchain System. You can also offset Fees incurred using your CPS in any Coinpayments transactions. This also has a feature of zero confirmation transactions for instant purchases just like Ripple (XRP).

You can buy CPS Coins directly from within your CoinPayments account by converting from one cryptocurrency into CPS Coin. You can use any of the most popular cryptocurrencies supported on the CoinPayments platform to convert into CPS Coin at a fixed rate of €0.10 per CPS Coin.

Please update me as well if you can already exchange CPS coin to any of the top cryptocurrencies now.

Road Map:


screenshot source is from the website.

Founded since August 2013 and now it is now CoinPayments hosted currency that started last July 2018.

For more information, please visit their website here:

CoinPayments Wallet

Do you always receive a warning whenever you cash out or transfer your tokens to a different wallet which says: Do not transfer your funds to an exchanger, you may lose all your funds! This is because trading platforms are not secured when you store your tokens there. This is a web wallet that you can store different kinds of digital currencies all in one place. Plus a lot more useful functions if you have a business as a merchant and you also wanted to receive multiple coins as payments. It will also show you User Ratings where you can assess if this business is trustworthy according to some users who already tried their service.


Let's all start by registering to have a CoinPayments Wallet. Please click the link below:

Once you were able to register and entered the pertinent details. You need to activate the link sent to your email and proceed.

These screenshots from the site will help you with this walk-through:



Then you are good to go!

Click "My Wallet" button and you will see all the 1,275 digital assets there when you scroll down.


To start funding your account, let's take Steem-Backed Dollars (SBD) for example. Trying to transfer 0.600 SBD to fund my coinpayments wallet from my Steemit Account.

You can also try to check and follow them.

Type the word Steem to the search button of the listed digital assets and will give you Steem and Steem-Backed Dollars (SBD). Click the options at the right part of SBD and choose "Deposit".



Then proceed with the transfer from Steemit account. Please note that there is a memo to enter so copy it from your coinpayments given instruction.


Wait for a few seconds until this shows to your wallet transfer activities.190903265-3ea0f8b0d4e393e9ceed451636e0d9b23c1995c1c9395478310313f88a8c5936.jpeg

Then check your coinpayments account. You may label it with your username and mark it as your steemit savings.


You will also get notified on your email about this funds transfer.


Some coins will also let you exchange here to buy the top cryptos or just do peer2peer transactions from different altcoins.

I hope this helps and will be able to share more functions of this awesome web wallet.

  • This supports mass payments
  • Scheduled transfers to your local wallet or any other wallet
  • Shopping Cart Plug-Ins also available to configure in your website

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This post is also shared on my steemit account but focuses on the website wallet itself and not about the CPS coin. Check the link below.

CoinPayments: A Wallet Functionality Which Stores 1,275 Cryptocurrencies

See you on my next post.


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