Bitcoin's Price Pull-Back This Weekend - Are We Ready For The Next Pump?

BITCOIN Pull-Back This Weekend

Bitcoin (BTC) has really shown an impressive performance this week and a lot of people became extremely happy because from a long time, the stable $9,500 line pumped right ahead three days ago. But we are all aware now that if there is a few days triumph (an ample time for us to sell) there is ALWAYS a pullback in the end. A dip or a dive mostly are in the weekends when all traders and big players already rest from the week's trading.

Take a look at this chart dated today Aug 01, 2020 - 02:23 AM


It has already reached it's highest value this week which $11,400 and now ready to plunge back to $10,500 or even less to $10,200. This is what we call the pull-back. Once a pull-back was already seen, it might have a resistance to the $10,500  and support line of $10,000 line. 

A great time to buy-back of-course. Then prepare to the start of another pump. We are already in the Bull-Run so expect that this will pump the first week of August.

This pandemic has caused a lot of havoc to the economy so people are now looking forward to another means of earnings the reason the majority of businessmen resorted to cryptocurrencies.

When the Pull-Back happens, wait till it touches the $10,200 line to Buy-Back. This is what I will do. Not a financial advice but for a person who's been here and seen the drama of Bitcoin since 2016. I trust my guts more than I trust other analysts.

The increase of the market cap to $30-Billion is an indicator that people are starting to adopt crypto and Bitcoin itself! Yes this happened in just 2-days time. 26th of July 12PM to 28th of July morning.

Let's go and join the ride!

This has been FYCEE and glad to be back posting here on Publish0x. Missed everyone here!

Follow me and give some love for the efforts! Enjoy your weekend fellas! Check out my other posts!



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