Bitcoin This 2019: We All Assumed It Was The Start Of The Bull-Run

The mother of all cryptocurrencies in which the 95% of the altcoins follow the dips and surge of their price values has really shown everyone that investing on it the early part of this year is really a great decision.

I was able to enjoy this experience even before the first half of the year when I have decided to add a few chunks of my hard-earned funds to my portfolio from the previous years' triumphs in trading.

Even though we currently have a 40% huge dive from what we have all hoped it was already the start of the bull-run which could've surpassed its all-time-high last December of 2017, we still have a great chance of bagging the huge percentage of profits by just holding on to it and never lose hope.

In this post I have shared, I was able to let everyone get notified that the price of Bitcoin already reached $10,000 from the $4,000 - $5,000 stable price value over the long period of time the first few months of this year.

Bitcoin's Break Out to $10,000

I am so glad I was able to share this great news for everyone who actually have lost interest on the future of money due to its volatility. The volatility is in fact a great edge for us to earn quick bucks as long as we know how to make the most out of the proper timing when to BUY and when to SELL.

I was inactive here on this awesome blogging site for around 3 months because I have been focusing on my job as a Technical Support Specialist in the largest manufacturing company of portable speakers in the United States and probably all over the world.

At this point of absence, I am opted to just let my assets be kept on HODL along with my silence from writing crytpo-related contents to share with my followers on different platforms.

The 40% USD price dip of Bitcoin from a stable $10-10,500 price value to $8,000 has led me into thinking if we should still continue to pull out all our funds invested or just think of it just like investing on the stock market wherein the profit turn out really takes a long time. A dilemma in which you really need to act upon.

Since I have witnessed the actual booming of crypto-currency since 2015 up to its all time high last December of 2017, I would definitely think of long term success instead of losing hope just because of the 20% dip.


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Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC) versus United States Dollar (USD) price value

Interval frame: 3 months from July 01 - October 10.

Actual price drop rate: 38% 

Will history repeat by itself if we start taking the risk today and get drawn to cryptocurrencies' tagline that it is the future of money? Or just let our hard earned funds remain inside our ATM cards / Financial institutions and just play safe.

It is only us (ourselves) who can answer this question. We should all be resourceful in finding the right solutions whenever we are faced into this kind of decision-making so that our judgment will lead to an absolute profitability. 

I will all leave you with this thought and the next follow up is the time I post my year-end analysis of what transpired with cryptocurrencies.

Please take a look at the diminishing market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

Last May 2019 they all have 263 Billion Dollars market cap and now they are down to 231 Billion Dollars where Bitcoin alone has a 154 Billion Dollars market capitalization. Does a 30 Billion Dollars drop has a significance at all when the previous acceleration was 77 Billion Dollars in just a week's time?

Please try and take a look at this post for this thought in order for us to decide really well: 

$77 Billion Added To Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Within Seven Days During This Bull-Run Period

We should definitely check the current price of Bitcoin (BTC) here on CoinGecko:

I wish we will all have the wisest decision.

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Thank you for reading this far and it feels good to be back to start sharing again here along with everyone else!

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