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Something you haven't done but want to

By Shahzadsomro | Shahzadkahn | 5 Mar 2023


What is becoming right now? 


I had been completed my graduation since 2017 . My parents were very worried about my future. They left everything upon me for selecting the profession. After wasting time, I applied in university for Chemistry graduation. Alhamdulillah, I got admission in university easily. Chemistry was my favorite subject those days. But I didn't know about problems of future. I have completed my graduation right now.. I am becoming Chemistry lecturer right now.

I haven't done but want to :.

My graduation period has learnt huge lesson. Education is the process of learning skills and behaviour. But, I have noticed that I can't get any good status with lecturership. I have two dreams of life that I want .

First :

First, I want to become Lawyer. Lawyer has good authorit in my country .I shall adopt lawyer profession as safety not professional.Some people watches law profession with strange eyes in my country. But I don't focus upon people faces..

What do you think about law profession?

Second :

Second, I want to become successful businessman of my city. I consider that Businessman controls nation. A job holder can't control own family. A businessman spends life independently. A job holder can't spend life independently.

There are many types of business. But my favorite business type is property dealer and cryptocurrency.

A property business always provides great profit and power. For property business, I need huge investment. I shall work hard day and night for gathering money.Then , I shall invest in business.Property business is show maker.

But cryptocurrency business is not show maker. I shall call "Secret business ". I have huge skills in my brain that I can earn handsome money by crypto currency..


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