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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Bitcoincash is my favorite in cryptocurrrncy

By Shahzadsomro | Shahzadkahn | 3 Mar 2023


Hi friends, how are spending your pretty life? I have participated in practical life. Practical life isn't easy and lengthy for new person. I have already promised myself that I shall try to publish article in daily basis. My eyes are closing for sleepy rightnow. But, I can't sleep without completion of task.

I consider that BCH is future of crypto market. Unfortunately, some crypto expert doesn't take interest in it. Why would BCH close to my heart? is my first earning platform in cryptocurrency. has provided motivation and knowledge of cryptocurrency. provides BCH as earning .I have earned good amount of BCH from is blogging platform. I joined such platform lately. has also closed after "Random Rewarder " had been rewarded to user through BCH. I think that people have earned big amount of BCH Now, everyone is sad after closing this site. I like BCH because of


I shall say luck base platform to "cashrain ". In such platform, satoshi Angels  and other crypto user have promoted their social platforms by tipping in form of BCH. 

Less Fee:

Crypto user converts or swap cryptocurrency into BCH because of having less fee. BCH has bright future. 


Do you like BCH? 

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I am starting my first day of with remembering name of Allah. I shall say "Hi " to All publishoxians users.

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