New Cryptocurrency and Economic Podcast- Bitcoin.bill

New Cryptocurrency and Economic Podcast- Bitcoin.bill

I started a new cryptocurrency and economic podcast on Anchor. My passion is cryptocurrency and the economy, and I am excited to be embarking on this journey.

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As Bitcoin passes its 2020 rewards-halving, the Federal Reserve is embarking on a quest to purchase ETFs on the market and has printed over $6 trillion. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for investors and citizens around the globe. What comes next, and what should we buy as both inflation and deflation may be on the table?

After blogging for 3-years, it is time to branch out into the most promising content stream today- podcasting. I recommend everyone on Publish0x join me on Anchor and start embracing this popular social media platform. Listen to my content and feel free to provide feedback. I hope my passion comes through in my work, as I am enamored with the future of our decentralized society.

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I am a writer, aerospace worker, cryprocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. I am a blogger and am eager to join this community.

Introducing Myself on Publish0x-Wstanley224
Introducing Myself on Publish0x-Wstanley224

Hello Publish0x community! I am a blogger who is excited to join you. I enjoy writing about cryptocurrency, life, business and the financial industry. Join me on my journey, I am glad to be here.

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