Blurt's Undeniable Appeal- The Newest Blockchain Project Out

Blurt's Undeniable Appeal- The Newest Blockchain Project Out


Blurt premiered on July 4th, 2020 and was the result of the tense relations between Steemit and Hive, and is an airdrop available to Steemit account owners.  A snapshot was taken in May of 2020, and you will see BLURT airdropped into your Blurt wallet on a 1:1 basis for the STEEM you held on the snapshot date.

The team is extremely open about their plans for the future.  We have already gone through HF2, and user-reputation is gone.  I have asked questions, and they have been extremely open about the project's progress and future plans. 

Witness and developer username jacobgadikian publishes a daily log about the project process and will answer questions.

Visit Blurt at the link below and claim your account:

Blurt is traded on Ionomy, and is currently valued at $0.01, which has been impacted by whales powering down their airdropped stake, and the thinly traded asset that can only be purchased on Ionomy.  I highly recommend buying now, as the Blurt cryptocurrency has dipped from $0.03 to $0.01, representing the opportunity to become a whale on the cheap.  I own approximately 31,000 BLURT. 

Buy Blurt on Ionomy:

Follow Blurt on Tiwtter at blurtoffical
Follow me on BLURT at anarchy999 and dominion01.

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