Novem Gold - A New Way To Own Gold In The 21st Century on Blockchain - W/ Fouad Soultana

Novem Gold - Hello Crypto and Blockchain community. Today I talk with Chief operating officer at Novem Gold - Fouad Soultana

Fouad Tell us about himself and the Novem Gold business.



How can someone own the digital assets, by Novem Gold.

The 2 different tokens? What’s the difference between the NVM utility token and NNN token.

What’s in place to ensure the Gold pegged to the NNN token is genuine.

The benefits that Blockchain technology provides and does it benefit the Novem business and the clients?

Why the Neo Blockchain? What makes NEO the preferred choice for the Novem team?

Novem Gold in comparison to other start-ups and what makes them stand out as an attractive choice?

We discuss some key global macro trends impacting the price of Gold, including Russia and China building up their reserves of Gold and the rapid increase of global debt.

The Novem teams plans for the next 24 months.


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Interviews on Crypto and Blockchain
Interviews on Crypto and Blockchain

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