5 free Top Level Domains which can serve your programming needs to showcase a WordPress

By achatainga | internetaddicts | 17 Aug 2019

There are 5 Top Level Domains (TLD) which are free and can help a developer to showcase his WordPress installation and have it online with no hassle.

.tk .ga .ml .gq .cf

These 5 top level domains can be grabbed at https://my.freenom.com

You just register with them and once you are logged in you may register and manage your free TLD.

Freenom is now the website in charge to register these free domain names. This was not always like this, each domain had its own registrar but it changed. I find it easier this way.

This solution may not be recommended for selling products or having a full production site because there has been reports of losing it for braking their Terms of Services.

This solution is recommended to be test by developers who have for example the need to showcase their WordPress installation on a free hosting site and have a nice looking Top Level Domain ready for it.

Registering your first domain is pretty straightforward. You have to head over to https://www.freenom.com/en/index.html?lang=en and then click on Check availability.


They will ask you to fill up the necessary information once you pick your domain. The user interface is pretty intuitive so I believe you can find it easy to register your first domain.

If you want to have these free domains make sure you select one of the options: .tk .gq .ga .ml or .cf

The other domain names are not free.

You may register any number of free domains provided they are available. If you wish to register a new domain name once you are register just visit the link: https://my.freenom.com/domains.php and proceed with filling up the form.

In my case, I registered http://achatain.ga since my username on my blogging social platforms is achatainga. Which is pretty cool.

You can edit the setting on each individual domain like with any other registrar of TLDs.

If you want to forward a domain, change its DNS records or modify its settings anyway you want, you may do it with no problems since their interface is amicable.

I hope this post helps you get a cool free TLD!. Cheers and Peace!.

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