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What income opportunities do I have in the battle arena game or faucet game clickfight? Here is the answer

What income opportunities do I have in the battle arena game or faucet game clickfight? 

Here the Link to clickfight: Clickfight- Battle arena game

There are various ways to earn satoshi. On the one hand, there would be the daily quest, which logically can only be completed once a day. The day or time depends on the server time that is displayed at the bottom of the main page. The highest possible amount that can be earned is 70 satoshi, about 0.7 dollar cent. With increasing level and the coupled player strength of your character, the possibilities increase. This is already the transition to the second earning opportunity in this game.

There is a tournament every weekend on Sunday, and very high amounts can be captured in every second tournament. The 1st place in this tournament is currently getting 8,600 Satoshi. The first 40 places get satosh in their pockets. See how much that is! The tournament is about various content such as gaining the most experience, xp, during the tournament in a certain period of time. The length of the tournament can be queried on the website as these are variable and not fixed.
If you have reached the long-awaited level 19, you get the opportunity to hunt and kill a boss monster. These are remunerated with 50 satoshi. This type of opponent appears several times a day in level 19 and is very popular. Especially as a beginner you have to be careful that the slammer doesn't wipe the floor with you 😀.
Last but not least, there is another way to get to satoshis by taking relay stations, stations with exorbitantly high life energy, the Healthpoints (HP). Anyone who owns this can enjoy an increase in their income during the time of ownership and you really do. Every few minutes, these stations generate a small amount of Satoshi that flows to the Association's Satoshibank. This earning opportunity is only available to association leaders and members. Therefore, the rather high amount usually has to be divided after a month by the number of all members, which is usually around 20-25 pieces.
Darknets can be played through, for the darknet alpha, a separate arena in which you have to stand alone against several waves of opponents you get 100 satoshi.

If you want more information about the game, I would like to send you by this link to the first part of the report about clickfight. Click me! Go to first part of clickfight report I hope you enjoyed reading it a bit and would be happy if we could meet again in the game soon . Here is the link again to get to the game website as quickly as possible: Clickfight- Battle aren game

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Internet & life & games & for free stuff

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