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clickfights mainpage

Life on internet: Earn money on a small scale by playing the battle arena game clickfight

Hello everybody!

Nice, that you found interest and fun to come on this blog article.
This article handles the game:


This is the clickfight mainpage.

For those of you who like rewards, not only satoshi. I am speaking about rewards that builds your player- character up with rewards and those give you, if you collected enough of them, advantages ingame back.

I am, personally, a player who likes boni in games very much.

This game got a very good weapon system,

by the way you are fighting in arena, that can be that can be increased and equipped with better quality weapons. That`s touching your attack and the same rule is set for your defense. On this case your defense is called firewall. You can 4 ! types of ammo. Grey-, blue-, red- and black ammo. Grey reflects the weakest and black the strongest ammo with the most, better highest damage. Similar rules you can find for your defense.
The FAQ of the game is explaining most points of this game very contemporary.

On the top there come a lot technical possibilities like "buffs" that increase your damage for a minute and a lot of other stuff.

The arena. The location where you fight in this game.


What this game got to offer:

- A very good weapon, armor and skill system (since a few days limited skilling, before open)
- A lot of technical stuff to fight better like buffs
- The better you get the more possibilities you get to earn satoshi like in higher levels
- Npcs
- Relaystations (a building ingame, if it get entered  you receive satoshi and additional advantages)
- 2 x a month competition to win satoshi, 2x a month competition 2 win weapons and ingame currency
- Shop (safe connection)
- Possibility to play in a association or being allies
- A forum on bitcointalk
- Currently, levels with new npcs and levels are added contemporary
- Safe and regular payout since years - Chat for global, allies, and association


hope it was the right choice from your site to visit this article and i hope you enjoyed it.
(Take care and stay safe). & have a nice day.

If questions or you have a message please leave it in comment !


It is better to use for this game a microwallet. uses for payout. A normal wallet is possible, too, but the microwallet is much easier.

If you want to enter the game click here, pls:  clickfight

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Hi, in my free time I like programming and would like to learn something about the website over the next few years and know the related things such as: Java. I started using cryptocurrency a few years ago and am earning the smallest amount. Good [email protected]

Internet & life & games & for free stuff
Internet & life & games & for free stuff

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