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League of Kingdoms in the acid test

League of Kingdoms in the acid test


Like many players before me, I came to the game LoK through PublishOx.


Registration takes place through:

a) Gmail

b) Facebook

c) Guest access


First! The game shows very pleasant coloring and also adult and child-friendly graphics.


This game is an NFT based game of the genre strategy. NFT means, based on the game, the land on the map can be purchased and this is then owned by the buyer.

This land is saved in a wallet. The platform uses the so-called metamask wallet. This must be connected to the account you have created in the game. Game items such as crystals and resources can also be transferred to this wallet. There is a so-called mint button for this purpose.


The player starts with a kingdom that is randomly placed on the playing map.


Now it is time to expand the kingdom. This happens through resources like wood, stone, gold and food.

The game is played like many other games of this type. You build or upgrade a building and you have to wait a certain time until it is built. At the beginning it goes very quickly, but as the level increases, construction costs and time expenditure increase as usual.

Monsters can be hunted or other opponents can be ambushed and looted. There are endless possibilities to develop in LoK, just as there are endless ways to Rome.


It remains to be mentioned that playing in an alliance with LoK is very worthwhile,because it offers a lot of advantages such as faster and more comfortable leveling up, joint monster hunt, additional strength attributes and much more.


If you decide to buy NFT in this game, you will receive a share in the sales of the game through the land you buy. The pulisher/ developer is Nplus. The currency that is collected and distributed is DAI.


Conclusion: A very, very good game.


If you want to register for this game, you will be redirected to LoK by clicking here:

I would be happy if you played LoK regularly, if you signed up for the Alliance [DeNo] DevelishNoobs. A (small) Discord channel is in the work.


Best regards,


Be someone, play League of Kingdoms  😈


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