Why safety is so important.

Why safety is so important.

Good morning community after witnessing the protests and destruction in Chile I would like to write because security in all areas is very important.

A few months ago happened the most violent protests in Chile in the last 10 years.

Sectors were totally destroyed and looted, violence accompanied by criminal gangs that took advantage of destroying small businesses and looting in their path.


Fire representation of power.

I decided to go and witness the level of violence with a low tolerance to do anything, just observe.

I observed from day to night, when night falls the atmosphere changes completely, I was surprised to see how people destroy everything, I really felt insecurity in me to see how they took everything off the floor destroyed security walls with their legs burned everything they found in their place.

They looted all the stores no matter who owned them, something that caught my attention.

Because of 1 policeman there are 10 targets who want to harm you in any way, the common people when extreme violence occurs, they move away.

Only the evildoer and the things they are destroying are left.

Protests , tear gas. 

Another point that caught my attention is that they hide in the passersby, during the afternoon or morning everything happens normally, but once night falls they begin to generate disturbances, they organize themselves in which points and distribute the force.

If you want security, you must take care of yourself, this kind of people are not interested in your words or that you are part of something just pass over you and achieve their goals.

The level of insecurity I felt at that moment was so high that I felt tremors in my body when I saw the level of evil of certain people.

Just remembering it makes me worry.

I am enormously grateful if you can comment, every word and opinion I value too much.

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