We earn in cryptos or dollars.

By Introspection | International News. | 25 Jun 2021

Good morning community , today I would like to write when the dollars you have in cryptos decrease but your participation in the pot increases.


Many people become discouraged when they lose expectations about an uncertain future.

They leave, products that were once very popular disappear from their recurring searches.

But why do they leave? I don't have a clear answer to why they leave, it's probably a social game.

From one moment to another someone sends the alarm and the herd moves to another point in search of positive signs.

But people who rely on continuous work, maintain strong ideals stay, increasing their stake in a finite product.

You no longer earn 0.00001 you earn 0.01 for a product that you trust in the same way the competition is no longer 1000>1 it is 100>1.

It is interesting how this happens in many areas, in most markets and you learn.

Many builders comment that they prefer to build when the market is bearish than when it is bullish, but why? because their work is valued without being plagiarized quickly.

Either you want dollars that Russia is eliminating from its reserves because of the excessive printing, or you acquire something where each person is a participant giving the best of himself.

Personally I keep both since the dollars serve me to buy food, and the cryptos give me the opportunity to belong to points where I have not learned, overturning the reality and being closer to pure knowledge.

Yesterday Pantera commented to me , reviewing your work I was delighted with the progress you have made in your ideals , without a doubt a lot of truth.

I appreciate every comment and I value your interest.


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