Save if you live in the USA.

By Introspection | International News. | 24 Mar 2021


It is unthinkable to see that overnight your currency has no value with respect to the world, that you go out to buy food at the market and everything is extremely expensive, before it was affordable.


Talking with Venezuelan compatriots , Cubans , if you live in the United States you must save , yes !

But diversified not only in dollars , we are at a turning point in history that many countries no longer manage to deliver basic goods to its population , millions of people millions in the world who need to eat something to work feed a roof to live and you in the USA you are comfortable.

It is not surprising that people coming from other countries bring learning experiences realities that we have never seen in our countries, but sooner or later the economy becomes unsustainable.

Inequality is reaching limits never seen before countries that earn over others around 2000% in minimum wage, the price of housing tireless with an average job the education paid for the rest of your life for an average person.


How far will the economy hold up?

Recently Russia, China and the United States are confronting each other, because the living conditions that the United States maintains are not sustainable for the whole world. The oil consumption of the United States is the highest in the world, the waste generated by plastic or defective products is the highest in the world, the inequality of opportunities is tremendous.

We must stop in our lives for a day and think about what the future holds for us because we are currently comfortable but we are hurting the world, they are looking at us with bad eyes and little by little the aggressiveness is advancing in the markets.

Another interesting fact is that the common residents of western countries are 0% saving yes! They do not save in case of difficult years, the only way they have to get ahead is through the government, force, the military.


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