Is bitcoin really decentralized?

By Introspection | International News. | 21 Apr 2021

Good morning community , hearing on tv on the radio on the bus in popular places that bitcoin is a decentralized currency , leads me to wonder really this is so ?


To give an order, let's start in its beginnings.

In its first months, you could mine bitcoin through your laptop, there was so little computing power, you could do it without any problem, then the word spread that the graphics cards had a higher computing power, then appeared the asics, this is important.

An ordinary person does not have the reach of acquiring an asic even if it has a higher computing power and a more productive efficiency, only few people in the world can acquire these products in my country less than 1% would have at that time the purchasing power to acquire an asic.

Its price when they are profitable generally hover around $2000 dollars and up for each one, plus add the dispatch time, it has happened many times that when your product arrives it is no longer profitable.

With the above thought, bitcoin is decentralized, like bit torrent where anyone can register their seeds only with an internet connection, most likely not, very few people concentrate the computing power.

There are interesting points , the efficiency of an asic is very short which leads you to think that if you are a person with money in a very short time you lose your investment if you do not acquire another at a higher value adding more time to obtain profitability.

There are stories of celebrities in the United States that in the hipe of 2017 acquired millions of asics losing their fortune overnight because of the inefficiency of these , as a conclusion , the promises of performance that you have at this moment are not real to how they will be next month or a year down the road.

There is that many people when they hear that something is decentralized do not understand that it is decentralized only see that there are people who are making money and want to join, but what is decentralized?

For me it is the world, the internet, that is decentralized.

The United States can not exercise its power over the world because everyone has business, not because you have the power you own everything so I conclude that bitcoin does not solve the problem of Byzantine generals nor does it defend the premise of decentralization.

On the internet you can not attack a point without being attacked anyone around the world has access to information anyone can be anyone and not because it bothers you a comment you can stop a community or country, you can do it for basic users but you can not stop the information that enters in any way more in these times where information is everywhere.

It bothers me a little bit it gives me a little bit of what the world is thinking, when millions of people join the initiative to decentralize the money when they first should decentralize without depending on anyone, their government send it to hell, be free, water nature defend your thoughts, generate self-criticism.


I appreciate your comments too much whether they are positive or negative they are retroactive to my way of thinking , I would appreciate if you take 30 seconds and write something.

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