Elon Musk experiments on animals NEURALINK.

We all thought that the day would come when implants are not only not alive, but also connected to the network.

Neuralink is the project in which this idea is being tested.


Elon Musk introduces neural implants in pigs to improve their efficiency and know their health status.

This news has gone unnoticed by some people but the creator of Tesla has been testing devices to monitor all neural impulses in animals.

He explains that the operation takes no more than 5 minutes and is painless with little exsanguination.

Will it ever reach humans?

He clearly mentions that this is the objective, to help certain people with disabilities or mental problems to be able to regulate and know their state.

Why are there experiments being done right now that invade your human brain?

We are in a time when people with a lot of power have almost completely taken away personal opinion, they practically control all natural resources.

The few people who wish to be free must sacrifice comfort in the face of nature.

I invite you to participate if it is right to have a chip implanted in your brain.

You attempt against the fundamental principles of the human being which is his own nature.

I value every comment and appreciate that you have made it this far.

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