Because I will not sell any shares.

Good morning community today I would like to write because I will not sell any balance or transfer my earnings on social platforms.


Many market makers get upset when their international market positions are attacked.

Because social platforms have the incentive to win but if you really bring value you become a pillar.

Bitcoin cash is a ship versus a crumbling idea, which is bitcoin BTC.

It still has bugs, example, the confirmation time on your transactions but it works much better.

It has been battle tested.

Platforms like read cash, noise cash prove that a user can be an identity and sign cryptographically transferring value directly to their wallets without intermediaries.

In bitcoin their platforms have turned out to be an absolute failure as only in top tier countries like the United States, Australia it is possible to pay extremely high fees.

Because of the level of opportunity, the market listens to bitcoin because celebrities with no web experience accept it as a means of payment.

On the other hand Bitcoin cash owns Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom who is famous on the internet but not in the mainstream media.

What's the difference some own property, cars, businesses, others have built infrastructure that has served millions of people across the world.

Remember when the main upload site was megaupload, well it worked great Kim Dotcom was behind it.

The market cleans up when everything flows to instability, I invite you to participate when everything doesn't work, as the main builders originate.

You learn from content that with all the noise that is generated with the bull market you could never have been a participant in seeing it.

I value every comment submitted and am grateful that you made it this far.


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