U.S. and Alibaba are leaders in blockchain patents

U.S. and Alibaba are leaders in blockchain patents

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 5 Jul 2020

The United States leads in the number of patents granted in the field of blockchain technology, but Alibaba from China has the largest number of companies among them. Such data were cited in a report by the China Patent Protection Association (CPPA).

From 2014 to the middle of the current world, 3924 such patents were issued. Explosive growth began in 2017. Last year, their number reached 1799 pieces.

The number of blockchain patents issued in the world. Data: CPPA

For 2020, the number of received copyright certificates in the blockchain sphere is already 1257, and a new annual record can be set, according to CPPA.

Among the countries in the granted blockchain patents, the United States leads, accounting for 39% of the total, followed by South Korea with 21%, China is in third place with 19%.

The undisputed leader among companies is the Chinese technology giant Alibaba, which has 212 DLT patents. IBM has 136, and South Korean Coinplug has 107.

Companies leading in the number of blockchain patents. Data: CPPA

Only 12 companies have more than 30 patents in the field of blockchain. Among them, two each represent China (Alibaba and Tencent) and South Korea (Coinplug and Metaps), Nchain is registered in the UK, and the rest are American.

Recall that in 2019 Alibaba and Tencent sent a total of 20% of the total number of applications for blockchain patents in the world.


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