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McAfee wrote about the Russian blockchain project. Who are they?

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 11 May 2020

The billionaire and Creator of McAfee antivirus in his Twitter praised the platform YouEngine, which can safely be considered at least half Russian. We contacted the co-founder of the startup and found out all the details about the project.

The Creator of the McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, known in the crypto community for his predictions of the growth of the price of bitcoin to $1 million, mentioned the blockchain project in his Twitter account Its founders are Konstantin Chernov and German music producer and Grammy winner Michael Munzing. The development team consists mainly of Russian programmers.

"Ubiquitous capitalism and data theft through advertising have taken away our privacy. We know that. I was looking for solutions to this problem and came across the service It looks great, but we need to figure it out," McAfee wrote.

Konstantin Chernov, co-founder of the project, said that YouEngine is a decentralized platform that unites advertisers and users. The latter will be able to receive cryptocurrency for viewing ads as a reward. To do this, you will need to install The youapp app and pass identity verification in it.


Then users can fill in information about themselves, such as their date of birth, relationship status, location, profession, Hobbies and Hobbies, and so on. Based on this data, ads will be selected for viewing which will be rewarded in The youcash cryptocurrency, developed on the basis of Ethereum. You can store it and exchange it for Fiat currencies using the youwallet crypto wallet.


According to Chernov, one of the features of YouEngine is the protection of confidential user data. Social networks and other media platforms leak client information or sell it, but this problem is solved with the help of blockchain.

"Social media sells its users' data to advertisers, while the users themselves are the losers.: they do not receive anything for this, and their personal data is absolutely not protected. This data can suddenly end up in the hands of anyone. The latest example: data leaks of several hundred million Facebook users. Even after the confirmation of such facts are no refunds to the users whose data was stolen, not receive. The development of blockchain technologies and ideas of decentralization allows us to solve these problems. Youengine users ' data remains on the smartphone, the platform does not see them," Chernov said.

He added that YouEngine will allow the advertiser to have direct access to the most targeted audience, which is possible due to users indicating information about their consumer preferences. This will allow companies to save money by eliminating the corruption component and disabling ineffective communication channels, he suggested. Chernov clarified that today about 60% of all advertising in the world does not bring effect, that is, it is a useless waste of the budget. The absence of commissions, agents, and intermediaries will also help you save money.

According to the co-founder of the project, any user can act as an advertiser. They can spend the cryptocurrency earned for viewing ads to promote their project, products and services. In addition to the standard promotion methods, companies will be able to use Another tool-the yougo game. In it, the advertiser can "scatter" any number of virtual prizes in their chosen location, and users can find them using an augmented reality system, as in PokemonGo. You can get gifts using a QR code in offline stores, for example, sneakers at any Nike store or BMW at a car dealer, Chernov said.

According to his forecasts, the user will be able to earn about $100 per month for viewing ads through YouEngine. However, this amount may vary, as it depends on many factors. For example, it depends on how much information a person provides about themselves. The more, the more profitable-explained the co-founder. He stressed that the project will fight against "stupid cheating" of views for the sake of earnings, as it harms advertisers.

"Our goal is to turn the idea of advertising from the" sell at any cost "function to the" inform interested " function. AI algorithms make it quite easy to identify users who will cheat views. Such users will become less relevant and receive fewer commercials, " Chernov said.

The project is currently in the initial offering phase on the LATOKEN exchange, and THE p2pb2b trading platform will also join the IEO on may 30. Youcash tokens are distributed at a rate of $ 0.1. In addition, an ICO will be held in September, Chernov said, and shared that in the future it is planned to be placed on major platforms.

"We are negotiating with major exchanges, such as KRAKEN, and we are also talking to others. In any case, placement on major exchanges is in our plans. Our project was supported by John McAfee, and we are currently in talks with him about possible cooperation. It seems to us that we agree in our views on many basic things, and I hope this can grow into a good cooperation, " the co-founder of the project concluded.

By the way, in January, McAfee said that the future of the crypto industry is for altcoins, not bitcoin. The billionaire is sure that the first cryptocurrency is inferior to other digital assets in technical characteristics. He also abandoned his forecast for the cost of Bitcoin at $1 million, calling it a ploy to attract new users.

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