Hackers demand ransom in BTC and XMR for stolen data from Symbotic LLC

Hackers demand ransom in BTC and XMR for stolen data from Symbotic LLC

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 13 Jun 2020

    A group of hackers REvil gained access to the data of the American company Symbotic LLC, which develops software and robotics. Attackers require a ransom in BTC and XMR.

REvil is known for organizing auctions for the sale of stolen data on the darknet. According to a June 11th REvil report, hackers gained access to Symbotic LLC data, including the names of employees, their residential addresses, social identity codes, income information, anti-competitive agreements and other confidential documents.

Hackers said they had already begun to publish this information, as the firm did not want to get in touch. For this, cybercriminals created a separate site and paid for an annual hosting. If Symbotic LLC does not send them a ransom in BTC and XMR, these companies will be in the public domain for at least a year.

According to cybersecurity firm Cyble, an attack on Symbotic LLC could have been launched in early June. Emsisoft analyst Brett Callow believes ransomware attacks are a big problem as companies agree to pay the ransom. The only way to stop such attacks is to make them unprofitable.

Companies need to improve their security measures, since most ransomware attacks are successful because of the low level of protection for firms. According to Callow, hackers are not going to auction the data for Symbotic LLC, but REvil can act unpredictably and change its mind at any time.

Recall that last month, REvil hackers stole 756 GB of celebrity data from a law firm, demanding $ 42 million in XMR, and also threatened to publish incriminating evidence on U.S. President Donald Trump.

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