Almost all transactions in the Z cash network are traceable

Almost all transactions in the Z cash network are traceable

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 24 May 2020

A team of experts from Carnegie Mellon University studied the degree of confidentiality of transactions in the Zcash network.

Since its creation, this cryptocurrency claims to be the best project that provides anonymity for users.

The report notes that more than 99% of transactions with Zcash coins are traceable. Thus, the developers of altcoin have not yet been able to ensure the anonymity of transactions, despite the periodic improvement of the network and the introduction of new features designed to enhance performance and ensure the privacy of users.

In the darknet, the scope of Zcash usage decreased significantly in may 2020. This suggests that confidence in the cryptocurrency is weakening on the part of users of the world wide web, who prefer to make exclusively anonymous transactions.

Only 0.09% of all transactions in the Zcash network were performed using the full set of Protocol privacy features.

It was found that the vast majority of altcoin holders do not fully understand the concept of The zcash operating model. This has led to the fact that only a very small percentage of transactions in the network uses all the network's power to ensure their anonymity, the researchers stressed.


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