You Can Make 2.22 An Hour Taking Surveys

I'll admit I I used to take online surveys. When I traveled for work, I would whip out the phone and do a few we hen I was waiting at an airport. I always took the rewards as airline miles, as that was the best value for what I was doing. 

I don’t do them anymore, other than to occasionally test a site. My reason for this is made all the more clear now that Publish0x is offering them. This site doesn’t mess around with points and bonuses, they just offer you a flat rate. When I looked tonight, the best offer was a survey that paid .52 for 14 minutes. Now, some quick math tells you that if you took this survey, your best case is 2.22 an hour. 

I say best case, because you will only qualify for about one out of four surveys. So why am I bringing this up? Well, if you love taking surveys, feel free. Although, I would ask you to value your time more than that. 
Here are a few things you could do instead:

Write a blog


Call your mom

Learn something new

Talk to a friend


Play with your kid

Make a little love, get down tonight 

I don’t know your life, but even so, I think you are worth more than two bucks an hour. Also, I get the hypocrisy, I spend about 20 minutes writing these, and won’t pull in much more than .50. The difference is, I would be doing this for free because I like it. Would you do a survey for free?

(On my phone again, so sorry for the grammar.)



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