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Thoughts On Publish0x For A New Year (2023 Yearly Update)

1. I think you are safe from a large personal lawsuit, no need to tell us you are not a financial advisor. Also, by definition, you are a financial advisor if you are giving financial advice. I think what you mean is you are not a CFA, CFP or PFS which would require licensing.

2. Is it just me, or is it annoying that if you comment before tipping you are fine, but, if you tip before commenting, you have to scroll back down to the end of the article to comment? Ok, it's just me.

3. Not, sure if I am exactly right on this, but if I post after 7:00PM, CST it appears get more tips per view than if I post earlier in the day.  I have seen that this is because the tips reset at that time. I have no thoughts on this, just a comment. 

4. Just wondering, in your head do you pronounce it Publish or Publish-O-x? I am a Publish-O-x guy myself.

5. Are you ever surprised at what gets you the tips? I can spend an hour writing something and post a bunch of references and think I nailed it...nothing.  But, let me type out a one paragraph explanation of what I had for breakfast with out proofreading it and I get 1000 views.  

6.  I think we need more variety. More recipes and short fiction. 

7. How about Publish0x merch? I would wear a shirt.

8. Look forward to my upcoming swimsuit articles where I will be modeling and critiquing men's thongs. 

Happy New Years. Never eat your chickens before they hatch...unless you like eggs. 

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Interesting Thoughts, That Aren't Always Mine
Interesting Thoughts, That Aren't Always Mine

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