Things I Have Noticed On Social Media

I do not spend much time on social media much anymore. Facebook is maybe once a year, Twitter maybe once or twice a month, Reddit if I am looking for something specific I can't seem to find elsewhere. I don't even have a TikToc or Instagram account.  I do spend time on Youtube, as I can watch old 80s/90s bands for hours.

This lack of social media presence doesn't mean I don't notice things that seem to occur all the time and I thought I would write down a couple.

YouTube- Everything is underrated. No matter what, the first comment always seems to be that whatever it is, it is criminally underrated. It could be the Beatles, and someone is going to say that they never got the credit the deserved.

YouTube- Apparently, the thing is now, to see someone make a video that does well and then film yourself watching that video. It doesn't stop there, now you can film yourself watching someone else watching a popular YouTube and post that, and then people will watch that.

Reddit- No matter what your issue is with your spouse, you need to divorce them immediately. 

Reddit- There is a crazy amount of people with advanced degrees and 30 years experience wasting their time commenting to strangers about subjects they are experts in. (This is sarcasm, there is a crazy amount of people lying about advanced degrees and 30 years experience.)

Quora- The first answer always seems to be someone that had a similar issue and goes in to great detail about it, and then fails to actually answer the question. Then, hundreds of people respond to that instead of the original question.

Facebook- People seem to have much better lives than I remember them having. Good for them. Also, one of the main reasons I got off Facebook was that I got tired of not liking people I really like because they just kept running their mouths until they said something I disagreed with. I just don't need to know your deepest thoughts on everything.

Twitter- Some celebrity is going to weigh in on something and think they have actually said the one thing that is so brilliant and thought out that the entire world is going to rally around their brilliance. 

Twitter- It is almost like you can watch in real time celebrities you grew up with turn in to crazy old people hollering, "Get off my porch." 

Publish0x- Hundreds of writers slightly tweaking something about crypto from the hundreds of other articles about the same thing. (That's right, no one is safe from my brilliant insights.

TikTok- I don't know much about it, but, it appears to be people dancing or ... just pointing at words above their head and then making a face like they just figured out the meaning of life.

Please let me know if you have any more to add.

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