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Publish0x Should Pay Me Less (Revisited)

I wrote the below article and posted it early last Monday and it was viewed only about 150 times, but, it sparked more comments than any post I have written (and the most downvotes, as well. I’ll take the downvotes, though, as it means people are at least engaged in the conversation.)  I decided to update it and do a better job of explaining why I wrote it. Once, again as stated in the original article, Publish0x is my favorite site for blogging. They do a great job of making sure that solid original content is submitted without a lot of spamming or referrals. 

Side note: If you want to see the wrong way to do it, check out some of the other sites, such as Floyx (which appears to have run out of funding) or Torum. These sites went after a bunch of clicks by rewarding people for doing daily task such as hitting the like button or making comments. Which, if you spend a lot of time on the site you will see that people will comment with an emoji or even just a “.” to get their daily reward. You also will see the same person like multiple articles in under a minute, so obviously not reading them. No one, or very few people, are interacting on the sites in a real way. This would explain why they seem to flame out, because they are not building a real base of users, just getting clicks by paying users crypto to click.

In the article, I stated that my concern was that quality articles usually only made about two dollars and that quality writers would not keep coming or make this their main site if they did not receive more for their work. That was not completely accurate, though, it is more of a symptom of a bigger problem of making the site sustainable for the long run. From what I have seen, sites that pay people simply for showing up, do not have a long life. Unless they start to be supported by those people they are paying for in the long run. Look at Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or any other successful site, while top content providers are rewarded (or at least able to profit in some manner) the people showing up are providing this capital, not the site itself. While this capital may be provided in an indirect manner, such as Facebook selling your personal information to advertisers, the people showing up to the site are the product for them, not the other way around.

The other big complaint from the people commenting on the original post was that I just wanted professional writers on the site and that everyone else would get pushed to the bottom. This thought process is not completely true, but, does have some merit. I want people that provide entertaining and educational content that is well written to rise to the top. This may mean that people that do it professionally get more hits. The reason is because they are the best at it.  While Publish0x gives us all a chance, equal opportunity and equal outcomes are two very different things.

So, with that explanation, I will put the bulk of my previous article below, with some changes to my thinking and explanations on those changes.

This is my favorite site, and I am staying around. I know it is easy to write a post about all the stuff I would do when I didn’t create the site, have no real skin in the game, and don’t have to write code to change it. I just want to see Publish0x become the go to place for crypto

My main concern is that Publish0x has a pretty low ceiling in earnings for writers.  I don’t have an issue with this from the standpoint of what I make, I mean, it is free and I am just here for fun.  I work my day job to make my income. My worry is that for the long-term success of Publish0x (which is my favorite writing platform by far) is that people who make a living off writing and are really good at it will not migrate to this platform because popular posts usually make under two dollars. 

I would like to see the popular page have articles that differentiate themselves with higher earnings.  Even to the point that I make less on my writing to subsidize better posters.  So, here are my thoughts for options on this.

  1. Set a minimum for followers before you can receive tips. Readers could still read and tip and not see a difference, but, until you met a minimum threshold of people following you, you would not receive those tips. This would make people build a fanbase, produce quality, and make sure they would be around for the long run. (Not a very popular idea, and probably not needed if other changes are implemented. Allowing people to earn right away seems to be one of the things that brings people to Publish0x and nothing else matters if users don’t show up first. Making it a little more difficult to reach the top earnings, but, rewarding those who do succeed would be the better route to go here.)

  2. Put the minimum you can tip yourself at 50%. People that are on the site to earn free crytpo and not learn and write are not going to add value. If they are clicking and scrolling right away to the bottom of the article to tip themselves, then they are probably going to do that no matter what. You could even put a minimum of 1 minute before being able to tip. That would cut out some of issues of articles getting tipped that are not worthy of it.

  3. Increase tips on articles that meet a certain level. Once an article hits 2.00, then the amount tipped goes up by a factor of five (the person tipping would not see a difference on their end). This may seem like a lot, but very few articles hit that level and the ones that do would be rewarded. This increase in tips could be financed by the decreases in the other ideas here. (I just restated the percentage of the original article to make it seem less daunting.)

  4. Not being active would reduce your tips. Anyone not active for 90 days (active meaning writing, commenting, or tipping) would lose ten percent of their bank back into the pot. (The original article said one week and did not go over well.)

If you are interested, please read the comments at the original post for more insight to people’s thoughts on this, and comment here yourself.  I will respond to any comments on this post.

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