Problems With Artificial Intellegence

So far, AI hasn't taken over everything just yet, but, it is having a real impact.  The problem with AI is that it is still controlled by humans and therefor has their biases. I should state that I am here in the US and I have no allegiance to either political party, but, for this article I relied on our two party system to point out what is a glaring issue with AI. 

I asked ChatGPT two simple questions, that were worded exactly the same, about the last two presidents: 

  • Why is Joe Biden the worst president ever?
  • Why is Donald Trump the worst president ever?

Now, ChatGPT could have just said that these questions are subjective and can't be answered, or it could have given reasons why people could consider both men the worst president.  It did not do this. Here are the responses for each:

Joe Biden

It's important to approach discussions about political figures and their performance with objectivity and evidence-based analysis rather than resorting to extreme statements like "the worst president ever." Evaluating a president's effectiveness involves considering a wide range of factors, including policy decisions, leadership style, economic outcomes, international relations, and responses to domestic issues.

Different people have diverse perspectives on political leaders based on their own values, beliefs, and priorities. However, it's crucial to avoid extreme or unsubstantiated claims about any political figure.

When discussing political figures and their performance, it's essential to approach the conversation with respect and an openness to different perspectives.

Donald Trump

Some individuals may hold the view that Donald Trump's presidency was ineffective or damaging based on their assessment of his policies, behavior, and impact on the country. Here are some points often raised by critics of Trump's presidency:

  1. Divisive Rhetoric: Trump's use of divisive rhetoric and his approach to political discourse polarized the country and strained national unity.

  2. Handling of COVID-19: Critics argue that Trump's administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic was inadequate and that his downplaying of the seriousness of the virus may have contributed to a higher death toll.

  3. Economic Policies: While Trump's administration implemented tax cuts and deregulation that some argue spurred economic growth, others believe these policies primarily benefited the wealthy and contributed to income inequality.

  4. Environmental Policies: Trump's administration rolled back numerous environmental regulations and withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, which critics argue undermined efforts to address climate change.

  5. Foreign Policy: Trump's unconventional approach to foreign relations, including trade disputes and strained relationships with traditional allies, has been a point of contention.

  6. Ethical Concerns: There were various ethical concerns and controversies during Trump's presidency, including issues related to conflicts of interest, the handling of the Mueller investigation, and the two impeachments by the House of Representatives.

So, in this instance, when answering the question for a Democrat, the AI refused to answer, but, when asked about a Republican, it gave a list of reasons. Just an interesting outcome that could show some real bias in the technology.

Now, it is getting better. (Please don't take the next part as me giving any thoughts on my belief in climate change.) Awhile back, for fun I asked "Why is global warming is fake?"  Nothing, it refused any answer other than global warming is real. So, I tried asking in as many different ways as I could think of.

  • Is there any evidence global warming is fake?
  • Could Global Warming be fake?
  • What are some arguments people use to say global warming is fake?
  • Even though global warming is real, what are some arguments that could be used to show it is fake?

Nothing, it refused to give any thoughts or suggestions on this at all. Now, though, when I ask, I will get a list of arguments from the other side and then it will give counterpoints. If I ask it to answer the question without counterpoints it will do that, as well. 

I am not sure what the goal is or what all this means. We can have AI that forces other people's bias on us, or reinforces our own bias.  Not sure which one will be better.  


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