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It amazes me that the type of article I came across today is still popping in searches about crypto. This one is on and is from an interview with a "Crypto Professor."

"I teach cryptocurrency at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Here are 3 things every new crypto investor needs to know."

This quote is from Professor Christine A. Parlour, the Sylvan C. Coleman Chair at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, who has taught courses on investing for years and more recently has begun introducing crypto into her curriculum. “Over time, as cryptocurrencies have increased in importance, the content of the FinTech MBA course has switched increasingly to crypto,” she says. 

Here are her three mind boggling insights to crypto investing:

1. Don’t assume you’re investing in a safe space …
“We are very used to investing in a safe environment,” says Parlour. “Various regulatory agencies ensure that traditional equity markets are transparent, and there are specific rules governing the trading process. This regulatory system is not fully in place for crypto, either on the corporate side or on the trading side. Everyone who participates should be aware of this,” says Parlour.
2. … And because of that, be careful.
“Investors should be very cautious and make sure that they carefully do their homework,” says Parlour.
3. Don’t buy the hype on every crypto innovation that comes out
Parlour says it’s important to understand how particular innovations add value. “By that, I mean that innovation for the sake of innovation is not productive.” Many of the business models are new and untested and “because of this, some crypto-backed ventures will fail,” says Parlour. 

A couple of thoughts of my own on this:

1. Why is publishing basic crap like this? If you are on, you might not be the next Warren Buffett, but you probably have that basic knowledge already of everything this professor said.

2. Not sure I am taking crypto advice from someone who doesn't start their comments about crypto explaining how they made their first million off of it.

3. Just an FYI, I cut out must of the content from this waste of space article.  But, my final thought is that anyone even partially interested in crypto is going to write off in two seconds someone claiming to be a crypto professor that spends more time than it takes to type four letters (DYOR) trying to explain crypto basic risks.

I have ended many articles with this basic thought. You never read articles about how crypto investors are fighting for more regulation. They know what they are getting into. Even people talking about getting scammed are usually mad at themselves, not at the lack of government control.


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