Earneo - A revolution in content monetisation or a waste of time?

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I came across a tweet last week that said something along the lines of 'Enjoying my morning coffee while i earn crypto watching videos.' Of course I just had to investigate! I immediately looked up the site, made an account, found the first video that came up and repeatedly refreshed the page on the wallet page as the videos automatically played. To my amazement the number beside $RNO began to rise by ~1 after each video.. To my joy the corresponding price in USD was around 1 cent per token.

I was sold so I immediately began opening tabs with videos playing on them while simultaneously searching for more information about this mysterious project. I found out that they had an IOS app and began streaming videos there too. This carried on until night time when I decided to check my wallet.. To my astonishment I had garnered approximately four dollars worth of tokens. This is not exactly a massive sum but, considering the little effort I put into earning it, I was extremely pleased none the less.


The next day I adventured into their socials, particularly Twitter and Telegram, to find that the Admins had just announced that withdrawals would open up by the 12th of March AND that they were going to buy back all tokens farmed thus far and burn them. Unfortunately it became clear to me that my earnings were drastically slowing down because their algorithm does not allow you to earn from the same videos and my supply of new videos was dwindling.

                                                                 Telegram announcements

Unfortunately they then announced that their system was changing to reward different amounts depending on the length of the videos because they doubted the notion that advertisers would want to pay for short videos.. I also noticed that the reward per video was also drastically reduced.
                     My earnings
The exchanges which offer pairs for this BSC token are completely foreign to me which is definitely making me wonder if I will be able to benefit from my efforts even if I manage to withdraw them. I was hopeful, when I first found the site, because it seemed like a great idea. I even uploaded a couple of my own original videos since they were advertising rewards for viewers/uploaders/moderators.. Thus far only viewing is monetised. Most of the videos on the site are, sadly, reuploaded videos which I highly doubt are benefiting the original posters.

I had originally hoped to earn 4 dollars worth of tokens a day until the withdrawal date but unfortunately rewards dropped AND I stopped aggressively watching videos..
Despite all of this I hope to reach 20 dollars worth of tokens by the 12th and declare this experiment a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

A few notes -

The minimum withdrawal is apparently 5 dollars worth of tokens.
I don't know much about the project apart from the fact that people have been watching videos for months and garnering way more RNO than me..
I know that the token was previously ERC before undergoing a swap to BSC.

Good Luck to all and I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you have had similar experiences.

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