A follow up on my Earneo experience.



In my last article on the subject of Earneo I promised an update once withdrawals were enabled with the hopes that I would accumulate $20 worth of RNO, the native token. I also touched upon the recent updates to their system which included introducing algorithms to prevent bots and afk viewing. 

Cracking down on abuse

The team announced efforts to improve their platform which have made rewards more difficult to earn but not too difficult. Videos range in value depending on their length which means watching extremely short clips, which definitely take the largest share of uploads, is pointless. I have also personally noticed that if you switch tabs or browsers then you won't receive RNO either which can be quite annoying since it is usually accidental. While this feature is definitely meant to ensure users are really watching the video, it is also extremely frustrating to realise that you've earned nothing after watching a number of documentaries in a row. Watching a video more than once will not grant you RNO and this is quite annoying since the same videos tend to come on when auto play starts the next video.

Cashing out

The withdrawal update was postponed for a few days but eventually users were given the ability to pay out if they reached 250 RNO. In my experience it was quite simple and straightforward with a 24hr wait after submitting the request. Sadly I did not reach my goal of $20 dollars partially because the value of RNO dropped but also since I was disheartened, by the fact that I was not able to earn that many anymore, I only spent around an hour watching videos a day. I withdrew 702.05 RNO with a 5 RNO fee to ExMarkets and sold them for USDT. As of today they are still there because minimum withdrawals from that exchange are triple that value.
The payment proof/transaction

I was able to track my RNO on MINTSCAN since it is a bep2 token. Thankfully they migrated to the Binance ecosystem otherwise all of this would have been impossible. I'm not trying to diss Ethereum here but fees are so high that to withdraw rewards on Verasity you would need to pay a 2000 VRA fee which is 40 bucks! 


It may not be a huge reward but at the end of the day watching entertaining videos online is not that difficult of a task.

Let me know what you think of Earneo and if you know of any similar projects!

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