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What Happened to the Singers?

I know what you might be thinking. What do you mean by "singers"? Of course, we see singers all around the news and social media. We enjoy our favorite songs on our smartphones and some of us attend live events which host these singers. But, the "singers" I'm referring to are very different ones who lived in a different era. To understand these singers, here is an interesting story that was told by one of my friends which best describes this idea.

A young man stopped by an elderly guy who happened to be over 100 years old. He asked him about what life was like back then and he stared at the young man for a long time and said, "it was much more easygoing and just plain simple". The young man replied, "what do you mean?". And the elderly guy said, "well kid, you're in for a good story".

About fifty years ago, we didn't have the technological luxury that you young folks have today. We fetched milk from the stables, collected the eggs of the chickens, and bunched hay together for the horses. The nearest town was a couple of miles from the barn and there was a decent-sized market where people could trade goods and services. Once every week, we would go there and meet with folks from other farms. Some of these farms were many miles away from where I used to live.

Sometimes, a special "milk" truck would pass by. We always loved that special truck because it would always carry lots of candies, small toys, personal care items for the children. The drivers always gave it away for free just for the sake of generosity - something that you don't see much of these days. Anyways, they would host these entertainment events where different people with different skills were invited onto a makeshift podium which they rolled out from within the truck.

The podium was nothing special. It was just three layers of wood stacked in a criss-cross pattern. People take turns standing on top of that platform and doing whatever they were talented at. Someone would whistle. Another person would dance. And another would sing. Now, when it came to singing, there would always be lots of people watching.

You see, if the singer was not already famous - but just real dandy in their voice, the milk truck guy would hand out lots of goodies to the singer. You have to remember that these were just regular folks with regular lives. No one practiced the whole day through just to be a singer. It didn't bring you food to the table. So, anyway, if the singer on the platform was born with the gift to sing perfectly. And I mean no warblin' and wailin'. Then, the singer would be swiftly taken away with the permission of the parents.

And that's where a few of the famous country singers came from. The others you saw in the news back then would be from upper-middle-class families with connections to recording studios - who also happened to have connections to major marketing stands and brands. So, whenever one of our folk sang on the country stage, we always cheered them on. After a while, the community began to want to sing. They wanted to express themselves through singing. We soon found that even though it didn't bring food to the table, it made the community leaders listen to our complaints which we sang within our song.

When people heard a guy singing about something that was wrong with the community, the town folk always gathered around the man. Then, they began discussing some of the things that could be made better. Later, they would bring these ideas to the community leader who seemed to reluctantly make decisions in favor of the community.

Over the years, the community leaders gradually began to bar any town folk from gathering within 200 feet of a singer. Then, they barred singing groups of more than two people. Then, they barred groups of people altogether. It was all so subtle because they would say that it was for the peace of the town folks. The only thing was, there was no conflict in the town for many years. Why do we need new measures? Our questions were answered after about 20 years when the new community leaders began demanding a higher and higher percentage of all cattle to be given to their farms. They also demanded a toll on any road or passageway among many other demands.

And because there were no singers and no audience groups, there could be no collective effort to positively change the minds of the community leaders. This was the start of the end for the community. People vented their disgust through physical bar brawls and sharp tongues. Eventually, the environment became too toxic so the friendly townsfolk began moving out to the cities one by one - until the town was no more.

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