Republic - an effective and competent approach to investing in startups!

Startup - crowdfunding is an extremely interesting and profitable business, provided that there is a thorough analysis and selection of projects for investment. In Republic, you can invest in private startups with wealthy investors from as little as $ 10.


Immediately I want to note the fact that the project has many advantages compared to when you select projects yourself and invest yourself.

  1. Each project before listing on the Republic undergoes a thorough review and analysis (screening and legal examination). Less than 3% of applying startups go through legal expertise and an investment committee.
  2. You significantly reduce investment risks, since the selection of projects has already been done for you.
  3. Republic invests its own funds in each project presented on the platform, which is extremely important, since the Company risks its own capital, therefore it is very careful in choosing projects.
  4. Portfolio diversification. The minimum investment amount is only 10 dollars, therefore it is available for everyone. You can collect your portfolio of 10 projects, which significantly reduces the risks for only $ 100.
  5. Venture capitalists invest in the project, therefore, this project can be trusted, since large capital is always included only in proven projects.
  6. There are no hidden fees in Republic.
  7. If you invest in a project at an early stage, and subsequently this project will enter the market leaders in your industry, you will receive a huge return on your investment.
  8. Once you make an investment, funds will be held in an escrow account maintained by Prime Trust, LLC, Republic’s escrow partner. The funds will be released from this account to the company after the campaign ends.
  9. You may cancel an investment at anytime up to 48 hours before a campaign deadline or an intermediate closing date using the cancellation tool on your investment profile.
  10. Investors purchasing digital blockchain tokens will receive a document evidencing their right to such tokens. The issuing company will deliver tokens according to the terms of that document.
  11. At the moment, there is already a fairly large selection of projects from various sectors of the economy.

It is also important to note that

  • some projects have a minimum investment amount of $ 100,
  • You always invest at your own risk,
  • do not expect instant profit - most likely the majority of investments are long-term,
  • always diversify - invest in several projects,
  • carefully read the terms of the transaction,
  • Before investing, conduct your own assessment of the company.

To summarize, I want to say that I have been looking for a similar project for a long time. At the moment I selected 2 projects for myself. Republic provides you with unique opportunities:

  1. You no longer spend your time selecting high-quality projects,
  2. minimize the risk of losses,
  3. in most cases, you yourself will not be able to invest in the project because of the high threshold of minimum investment, unlike the Republic,
  4. On the site you can immediately see how many investors are already in the project and what funds the project has raised at the moment.

Any investments ALWAYS carry risks, therefore, when deciding, ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!

Republic is providing X Notes to me as compensation for publishing this blog.

Republic username - dima sur

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dima ver
dima ver

Hello everyone, I am writing about the full range of investments in cryptocurrency. You have a large number of investment opportunities: from the selection of promising projects with their full analysis to the purchase of algorithmic trading systems.

Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.
Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.

Description of cryptocurrency projects that have good chances for rapid development, therefore, investing in them can bring good profits. A complete analysis of investments in cryptocurrency from the most promising to innovative.

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