CannaCor - A clear vision for the development of the cannabis industry!

CannaCor - A clear vision for the development of the cannabis industry!

CannaCor - A clear vision for the development of the cannabis industry!


The medical cannabis industry is growing at a very high rate. This industry is very promising if we consider it both from the point of view of treating diseases, and from the point of view of investing funds. From the point of view of treating diseases, medical cannabis can be taken in many forms - from inhalations to foods and tinctures rich in cannabinoids, serums, oils, pills and capsules. Cannabis has powerful properties for the treatment of various chronic diseases. From the point of view of investing in projects related to cannabis, this is one of the most promising sectors at the moment, especially since the legalization of cannabis is expected.

Cannabis production has become the fastest growing industry in the world today. The medical cannabis industry accounts for 52% of the total cannabis market. The medical cannabis market in 2017 was worth $ 8.28 billion. By 2020, medical cannabis production is estimated at $ 20–35 billion. This industry will grow to $ 140 billion by 2027.


CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation collaborate with a common vision to provide long-term changes in the research, cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis. The companies share a common goal - to transform the entire process of cannabis cultivation, making it as transparent and safe as possible.

The goal of CannaCor is to become a leader in the cultivation of medical cannabis in Lesotho, which in my opinion is quite feasible. Also cannacor's goal is to create its own aquaponics growing and manufacturing plant for medical cannabis on the company premises in Lesotho. This will allow the company to meet the growing demand in the global market of scarce production capacities and become a recognized supplier to global markets that do not have or have limited production capacities.


Companies from various sectors of the economy are increasingly introducing blockchain into their work processes. At CannaCor, the blockchain will be used to coordinate the actions necessary for the reception of raw materials, production of the product, quality control, packaging for shipment and delivery schedule.


Project Benefits:

  1. The company is officially registered (Kingdom of Lesotho with registration number 65263 and TIN 200084029-4).
  2. The company received a license.
  3. CannaCor received 50,000 m2 of land in Veria, Lesotho, of which 30,000 m2 are allowed to grow hemp in a greenhouse or indoors. The company has set real goals and knows how to achieve them, since the land has already been received, therefore one of the most important tasks when starting a business has already been completed.
  4. The company will be able to serve Canada, Europe and other world markets.
  5. Experienced team. CannaCor works daily with a group of experienced scientists, blockchain developers, pharmacists and engineers, which leads to the company's continuous development and the supply of environmentally sustainable high-quality cannabis products.
  6. The company focuses on the introduction of blockchain in order to ensure stable crop growth of excellent quality and quantity. It seeks to simplify the life cycle of cannabis cultivation and provide accurate supply chain solutions to increase its ability to track the product.

To summarize, the cannabis industry is a very promising industry. Companies that are now able to gain a foothold in this market in the next 10 -20 years will see great success. The company operates officially and has received all the necessary licenses to conduct its activities.


Any investments ALWAYS carry risks, therefore, when deciding, ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!


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Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.

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