Happy Holidays from Cryptotask! Also the launch date of their freelancing platform is...

Happy Holidays from Cryptotask! Also the launch date of their freelancing platform is...

Everyone at CryptoTask would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! Hopefully you have had an amazing festive season with family and friends.

As of today, December 26th, 2019 Cryptotask has let their community know that they will be launching their product on January 9th, 2020.

So what does this entail?

Thanks to the support and feedback from their community with testing in their development staging site, they have finished our MVP 1.0. On top of website functionality, they have managed to connect the ability for freelancer profiles, jobs and user reputation to be stored on the AE blockchain. This data will incorporate a hash (ie. number sequence) as a way to prove no data manipulation will be done through CryptoTask code.

Their next MVP version will be the launch of a smart contract escrow for trustless payment agreements between the client and freelancer.

Key features of the MVP 1.0 launch:

Companies or project owners can create jobs. Clients can post jobs available for freelancers to view and apply:




Freelancer can use the search function for sorting and filtering job postings:



Clients can also use the search function for sorting filtering skills and work categories of freelancers:



Both freelancers and clients can message each other in addition to uploading docs/files:




Lastly, a notification function will let you know when someone accepts or invites someone for a job as indicated to the bell icon on your profile avatar. If offline this will go to your email as an alert.

Make sure to check out their website and sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with the launch preparations. Thanks for reading!

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