CryptoTask Roadmap Version 1.0

CryptoTask Roadmap Version 1.0

Here at CryptoTask (CT) we are happy to showcase you our current roadmap that covers development and company release goals. This timeline covers what we have done, currently working on, and what’s up ahead.

We handle our roadmap in release stages corresponding to both development activity and company activity. We are currently finishing up Release 2.0 which is our MVP 1.0 release.

This article is our roadmap version 1.0, meaning it’s important we are flexible to make proper adjustments after collecting data from each release. We are also showcasing our first 3 releases. Once Release 2.0 is complete, we will plan to showcase Release 4.0.

In an early stage, business flexibility is key to make the necessary changes for our success. We will put out future roadmap articles to show what future adjustments were made.

You will also notice we do not use scheduled dates. We feel as a company this can be misleading to our community if plans change, thus we have internal goals of our scheduled date releases with both development and company work.

So let’s dive into it:


Release 1 (Completed)


  • Deployed on AE testnet basic version without disputes
  • Job search and sorting feature
  • Integrated Wallet
  • Improvement of Landing page


  • Company Incorporation, legal operations & accounting procedures
  • Partnership with HDNP members (Croatian freelancers’ association) and legal coordination
  • Acquired, Croatian freelancing market with almost 20k users
  • Negotiations with other associations (visited NYC, Nairobi, Asia)

Some of the highlights from our first release was to make sure we finalised our smart contract to testnet. This is without disputes between the hiree and freelancer (our future feature that contractually mechanises work being completed and payment occurring through the smart contract task).

On the company side the acquisition of, with a solid active user base which will be launched and merged upon Release 2.0’s deployment of MVP 1.0. Our partnership with HDNP opens ourselves to our local freelance community but also supports us with legal coordination for the process of our platform to allow hiring and payment logistics.


Release 2.0 (Ongoing)


  • Deploying on AE mainet basic version without disputes
  • Notifications
  • Hide mining wait times
  • Improved UX
  • Fiat (by debit or credit card) payments just for task listing — we just registered a subsidiary company in Croatia that will be used to process these payments
  • Fast task and freelancer search, sorting and filtering
  • Chat between users to fully specify the task


  • Complete HDNP users migration (all users will be able to use old logins, but they will see the new platform etc — for example, and will point to the same server)
  • Starting talks with next freelance association
  • Begin partnership negotiations with client companies
  • 2nd investment round if needed

Release 2 is nearly done. Everything in development showcases what’s needed for our first MVP 1.0. Although our smart contract Aeternity blockchain, when it comes to paying the freelancers, we will start with just Fiat accomplished between the two parties.

In addition, one of the main reasons for acquiring is to launch our platform with an established active user base. Thus, we believe this will push us past the common “chicken and egg” issue that many early projects have to acquire two types of users. With us, that means both hirees and freelancers.


Release 3.0


  • Deploying mainnet basic version with disputes
  • Referral system
  • Localisation to various languages
  • Automatic crypto conversions (pay with any crypto)


  • Launch of our go to market strategy
  • Start onboarding second association’s members
  • Onboarding more additional team members specifically for sales and growth team
  • Organisation of planned Series A round through an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

During this release, we deploy crypto payments on CT. We expect both hirees and freelancers within the crypto scene to be utilising CT. Therefore, these users have resources and access to crypto, and this will most definitely be needed.

In addition, to support our go to market strategy we will build a referral program that will support the recruitment of more users in addition to adding more languages on CT.

At this stage, we also plan to hire additional support staff directly on CT for sales to recruit more hirees on our platform.

So there you have it. A bit of a deep dive of what was accomplished in the roadmap, what we are currently working on, and what lies ahead.

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