10 Blockchain Companies to Play a Big Part in the Decentralised Future



Welcome to our latest blog from Token News taking a look into the future. Today, we’re looking at ten blockchain projects that we think will play a part in the decentralised future. In no particular order, here we go.





Aragon is an incredible project that seeks to empower global, bureaucracy-free organisations, companies, and communities. Aragon lets you organize, manage and collaborate without borders or intermediaries. Their focus right now is on DAOs.

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) are only getting more popular with the likes on dxDAO and moloch DAO gaining traction in the crypto world. It’s easy to see companies worth millions running totally decentralised on the Aragon platform. It may sounds far out, but that’s the future — if Aragon can complete their roadmap.





District0x/Meme Factory

Meme review took the world by storm — and so could their meme marketplace, Meme Factory. Meme Factory lets you create* and trade memes and is currently live on main-net. Meme Factory is the 3rd “District” to be launched by District0x , the other two are Ethlance, a freelancing marketplace, and Name Bazaar, a .eth domain name marketplace also currently live. That’ll be three working products in a short amount of time, which is no mean feat compared to a lot of other projects in the space.

Memes are here to stay and a team with the ability to create outstanding applications like Ethlance, Name Bazaar and the recently launched Meme Factory, district0x has a bright future.

*Note we’ve already made a few ether selling memes on meme factory, It’s legit.





Gitcoin believes that the more people are connected, the less friction for value transfer between users.

With that in mind, the Gitcoin platform connects freelance developers with open bug bounties or online jobs* — all paid in crypto. It offers users to the chance to leverage a global workforce to quickly complete tasks as well as the opportunity to work remotely as a freelancer.

While currently focused towards developers, it’s easy to see a future where any task could be listed and completed on the platform.

Our prediction: More and more people are working from home or while travelling, Gitcoin is an evolution of an existing global trend that looks to only be getting bigger and bigger.

*We’ve completed a few projects on gitcoin and payment was frictionless and fast.





Don’t like adverts or people stealing your data but you do like crypto? Then Brave is for you.

Brave will also pay you* to accept ads, through their BAT token.

For all of these reasons and more, Brave is our favourite browser. It’s also unbelievably stable to boot, especially for a product that’s still very much a test case.

*We’ve made a few bucks clicking ads on brave. Downside you need to set up an uphold account to withdraw.





A stand out blockchain project for creating usable applications that are user-friendly and powerful*. Add to that the fact that you can trade some 130+ tokens, and Bancor is a breeze.

The future of Bancor looks bright with BancorX letting you trade between Ethereum and EOS. The question is, then, whether we’ll be seeing a TRON exchange from Bancor any time soon.

*Great user experience, obviously we prefer our hardware wallets for long term holds but great for trading.





Little known when it started back in March 2017, WeTrust received early support from Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik*. WeTrust’s initial focus was around lending circles but has recently expanded into Proof of Impact fundraising and crypto donations via the Spring platform.

*Super under-rated project that keeps on delivering.





Our favourite stable coin here at Token News is Dai, a USD-pegged stable coin built on the Ethereum blockchain, and has no centralised authority. It’s $1 USD equivalent is maintained through automatic pricing mechanisms built into smart contracts. When Dai is worth more than $1, the smart contract pricing mechanism works to decrease the price. Conversely, when Dai is worth below $1, the smart contract pricing mechanisms works to increase the price. Dai can be freely traded like any other ERC20 token, and anyone with an Ethereum wallet can own, accept, and transfer it without a middleman.





The Kyber Network provides a decentralized, on-chain exchange, but without the order book. We expect high volume from the Kyber Network if it continues to be connected with the default blockchain projects in the future*.

*Currently used by Myetherwallet.





Steem created “Steemit” the popular blockchain based blogging application currently with over a million users and right now ranked at 1,788 on Alexa. But Steem is more than just blogging with over 300+ applications using the currency from youtube clones like dtube and collectible cards games like Steem monsters. It’s one to watch with a great longterm outlook, especially if the blogging platform keeps on growing.





While not the hidden gem it was a couple of weeks ago when we wrote about their partnership Visa, Tokencard is rapidly becoming seen as the Revolut of the crypto world.

It bills itself as a decentralised bank account replacement running on Ethereum. And the good news is the alpha is live in the UK and Europe.

We can’t wait to see how this project — and the nine others — develop over the next 12 months.


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