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Interdax's Margin Bonus Program is now Live!

By Interdax | interdax | 12 Aug 2020

Today, Interdax has launched its Margin Bonus program, allowing traders to earn extra trading capital when they make a deposit.

Click claim on the Margin Bonus Program page to earn a bonus:

How Does the Margin Bonus Program Work?

Let’s look at an example to see how the Margin Bonus program works:

  • Deposit 1 BTC, Then Claim a 0.05 BTC Margin Bonus

The available balance will become 1.05 BTC. A trader can use the extra 0.05 BTC to open a position, pay for trading fees or close a losing trade. If your balance went from 1.05 BTC to 0.05 BTC, then the remaining balance can be used to open a position and pay required trading fees. You will only be able to withdraw a maximum of 1 BTC, and if a withdrawal is made the Margin Bonus is forfeited. 

Any profit made with a position that uses the Margin Bonus can be withdrawn. For instance, if you open a position using 1.05 BTC as collateral and a profitable trade increases the account balance to 1.25 BTC. In this case, you can withdraw a maximum of 1.20 BTC (although this action would forfeit the deposit bonus). To avoid forfeiting the deposit bonus, a maximum of 0.20 BTC can be withdrawn.

However, if your total balance drops and goes below the deposit bonus amount (0.05 BTC in this example), you will not be able to perform any withdrawals.

  • Making Another Deposit after a Margin Bonus is Awarded

Any further deposits will not be eligible for a Margin Bonus. 

Continuing the example above, if you make another deposit of 1 BTC, the available balance will become 2.05 BTC. You can withdraw up to 1 BTC without forfeiting the Margin Bonus. 

When closing a profitable trade that brings your account balance to 2.50 BTC, you can withdraw a maximum of 1.45 BTC without forfeiting the Margin Bonus. Any withdrawals above this amount will result in the forfeiture of the Margin Bonus. 

On the other hand, if you close a losing position and your available balance becomes 1.85 BTC, you will only be able to withdraw a maximum of 0.80 BTC without forfeiting the Margin Bonus. Any withdrawal higher than 0.80 BTC will result in the loss of the Margin Bonus.

Margin Bonus Program Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Interdax Margin Bonus Program, you hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Newly registered accounts are eligible for a Margin Bonus of 5% on their first deposit. Customers that have registered their account with the Interdax referral program are also eligible for a Margin Bonus, although the amount may differ. 
  2. The Margin Bonus program provides traders more margin to trade with. The bonus can only be used for trading activity on Interdax: that is to open positions, pay for trading fees or to cover losing trades.
  3. The bonus is calculated as 5% of the first deposit once the Margin Bonus program is live. Bonuses are not awarded for any further deposits. 
  4. While the bonus can be transferred between sub-accounts, it cannot be withdrawn to an external address or wallet.
  5. Any profits made with the Margin Bonus can be withdrawn. 
  6. There are no restrictions on trading activity with regards to the Margin Bonus. You do not risk losing the bonus if you are not actively trading. The Margin Bonus can be used at any time after it has been awarded.
  7. Any attempts to game the Margin Bonus program, such as multi-account registrations or the siphoning of funds, may result in the termination of bonuses and profits earned from all accounts.
  8. Interdax reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of all bonus programs at any time without notice.  


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