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ETH-PERP is Coming Soon!: Interdax's Development Update August 2020

By Interdax | interdax | 7 Sep 2020

Our development update communicates what we’re working on at Interdax and an indication of when you’ll be able to use these new features.

August Updates

In August, the major developments were:

Margin Bonus Program

We introduced a margin bonus program on August 12, where customers can claim 5% additional margin to trade with on their first deposit. You can find more details here.

Log in and go to the Margin Bonus Program page to claim the bonus:

Trading Battle Improvements

On August 13 we implemented improvements to our trading battles, including:

  1. Allow traders to join after a battle has started,
  2. Rankings are based on Return on Investment (ROI%,) meaning traders can now enter a battle with funds equal to or more than the minimum trading stack,
  3. Traders can re-enter a trading battle after being liquidated, and
  4. Accounts are not ranked until they execute at least one trade.

Partnership with QGP Markets

On August 18, we announced a partnership with QGP Markets as a major liquidity provider. This collaboration will allow us to bootstrap new derivatives products such as altcoins, FX, equities and commodities. QGP markets will begin providing liquidity in the upcoming weeks.

QGP Markets have been building liquidity in the cryptocurrency market for over six years, which will help us provide deeper order books for our customers.

New Fee Structure

As of September 2, there has been a change to Interdax’s fee structure.

We have reduced taker fees to 0.05%, while maker fees are now 0.00%. The main benefit of the new fee structure is that limit orders will be filled more often.

What’s Upcoming in September?

New Perpetual Contracts (ETH-PERP and others)

During September, we will focus on: i) adding ETH and USDT deposits, and ii) introducing new trading instruments.

A perpetual contract for Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) is the main priority, and we will add perpetuals for several USDT-denominated tokens shortly thereafter.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us via one of the methods shown below.


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