Modelling with Green Stuff

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 26 May 2021

This model was packaged with the Heroquest boxed game circa 1994. Heroquest miniatures are very similar to Warhammer miniatures. Citadel Miniatures was the company involved in those models, hence the similarities. This miniature is that of an Elf. Originally, it was on a base, all moulded from the same red plastic. Unfortunately, the legs broke off. The sword also broke off. An increased military budget will be necessary to enable repairs.

So I had to make a repair but I thought this model could very well fit on top of a Great Eagle. In the following pictures, you can see how I drilled the inside of the legs to insert a section of paper clip in the openings. I am using a paper clip because it is easy to manipulate and cut and it's just the right dimension. Since I am about to cut the model further and then drill the bone structure to insert a metal reinforcement part, I like to think this is a surgical operation. Since a paperclip is involved, I have dubbed this "Operation Paperclip".

The Details of Operation Paperclip

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How the miniature looks from the front: legs and sword are cut short.

Legs were deliberately cut off some more to make sure we can get a saddle-like effect with its posture.

green stuff used to add meat on legs of miniature

Holes (2) have been drilled in the legs of the miniature

The legs were then drilled. Those are about 1 mm diameter holes. The paper clip sections were then cut to the correct length and glued inside the holes. Finally, green stuff was used to add meat around those legs. 


The miniature with new legs, made from green stuff

Some final adjustments are still necessary. The right leg is too wide in some areas and this will be fixed with a sharp blade. Also, additional details might be layered on top with more green stuff.

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