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Bought New Dragon Princes of Caledor -

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 5 Jun 2021

Caledore Dragontamer the 1st. Img src:

(Image sec:

Recently, I have signed up and started posting onΒ I feel that it is a home for the High Elf collector in me to find a community of people who will appreciate the miniatures I have collected and built.

Also, a year ago or so, I purchased 5 additional Dragon Princes of Caledor (DPC) from the 4/5th edition. The "old models". But they are still beautiful to my eyes. Painting them again will feel familiar and fun. I intend to paint them in the familiar red and green pattern.

Dragon Prince of Caledor

Multiple High Elf Models - DPC on the right

As you can see in the picture above, some miniatures have been primed in white with spray paint. Along with those 5 new, plus the models that I use in the DPC unit but which don't really belong there (Imrik & Tyrion), I will have a unit of about 25. Along with high and impressive banner this unit will be a sight to behold! But the best will probably be to split the force in 2 units.

Thanks for reading!

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