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Battlefield Scenery

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 25 May 2022

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When you are looking for new battlefield elements, just use your imagination. Here, I showcase transforming packaging foam from a bread toaster into fortified bunkers.

Obviously, some of my favourite elements are medieval fortifications, built with thick stones and arrayed with exciting features such as a moat, a gatehouse, towers and arrow slits. I have enjoyed creating miniature battlefield scenery elements and I still do. In my current blog posts, I wanted to share those elements with the world. I also enjoy sprinkling my posts and articles with elements of criticism regarding our modern society because, like many others, contemporary events shape my life in real time.

As I write this, we have a new Battlefield on planet Earth and that place is obviously Ukraine. For today however, I will abstain from further comments regarding that crisis since I prefer to devote a more serious article on the topic. Ideas are not heterogeneous in my head however and as such, if you read carefully today's article, you may find figments of my thought processes that don't belong to the world of miniature scenery. Or do they? It is war-gaming scenery after all that I make and as such, ideas of soft and hard covers, lines of sight, deployments, etc. are all interrelated. Those concepts and ideas are given life through art that is Battlefield scenery.

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Small Tree and a Rock

Small tree and a rock on a foam platform

I made the rock with a flat top on purpose so that I could display a miniature on top of it.

Small tree and rock, different angle (miniature scenery)

The tree was purchased as it and I glued the base on a smaller styrofoam platform. The rock was made entirely rock styrofoam. Everything was then painted and finally some autumn burnt grass flock was applied with glue all over the grass areas.


Fortified Bunker

Fortified bunker #2, miniature scenery for WH40k

I made this pair of bunkers around 1994. The styrofoam pieces were taken from a bread toaster box. Boxes of such kitchen appliances often contain pieces of styrofoam that are great for creations like these.

I then built a "floor" on top, from cardboard and painted it with the overall piece. I added a "H" sign for helicopters. The stickers were taken from GI Joe toys as well as some of the modules in the control room and the gun emplacement.

Bunker #3, E.V.A. CENTER

Fortified emplacements such as these make for very hard and durable cover. The troops stationed inside can last for a long time. But troops under fire and surrounded should not rely on the bunker to hold indefinitely. Surrender is often a wiser choice after long sieges.

The fuel tank on the side was also taken from a GI Joe toy, along with the stickers. Again an artificial floor had to be constructed to hold the troops and it was painted grey with another "H" for helicopter landings. I also added some bombs that I had remaining from a B-52 bomber model airplane.

Fortified bunker #3, part of battlefield scenery

I got creative with further modules to attach to the side. Radiators, hatches, ammo racks were all welcome and had their place here or there. I had fun creating those as they were quick to add a substantial improvement to any futuristic or modern battlefield.


Coming Up Next

More war! It is unfortunate but the world is heading in one direction: More confrontation. The great game, much to my chagrin, is on! On my side, for now, I will continue to display past creations until I reach present day. Previously I showcased some past creations in "Create the Scenery that you Love" and coming up is more miniature scenery. Follow me here: Intelli Gaming. Thanks for your time.

Two small trees on a foam platform

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