Springsteen On Broadway | A Vaccine Passport, "return to normalcy"


Want to return to the good old days in America, when normal people participated in experimental government pharmaceutical drug therapies on a global level, in order to go out and see a Broadway show? Well if you are one of those craving normalacy, then The Boss intends to take you back to the glory days of New York nightlife in a new show on Broadway.

Vaccine Passport Makes Entertainment Debut In 'Springsteen On Broadway'

The Boss is leading the global central bank, entertainment A list, of social engineering profiteers, rushing to get on the global government authorized, U.S. gravy train. The Boss, who once defined, and championed the other, now, defines and denies the other and singles the other out for punishment and exclusion in his society.
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a witless lab rat in a reward punishment, experimental drug test? You know what I mean. the kind where you look for a certain kind of rat, who will easily respond to rewards and punishments. Then by triggering certain rewards to certain actions you induce that kind of rat to take your drug, so you can study the effects on it and all the rats in the test. If you are willing to pay for that kind of first person experience, then Springsteen On Broadway is the show for you. The new social status, entertainment reward/punishment ritual, psyche ops, presentation features the Boss, in a vaccinated test subject audience only concert.

Only Specific Test Subjects Allowed

The Boss’ Broadway show will go on – but only for fans who got the right COVID-19 vaccine.

Rabid rock fans looking to celebrate a return to normalcy by taking in Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show later this month will be on the outside looking in if they’ve received the AstraZeneca vaccine, which hasn’t yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The show at the St. James Theatre, set to run June 26 through Sept. 4, has a lengthy Q&A page detailing the vaccination protocols in place — including a mandate that all guests must be fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved shot to get in.

Guests will meet that criteria if they’ve received...

Springsteen On Broadway | A Vaccine Passport, “return to normalcy”

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