‘He Was Epsteined’: Cutting Through Conspiracy Theories After John McAfee’s Alleged Suicide


The timing and circumstances around the death of John McAffee have raised many questions by supporters of the long time self promoter of individual rights and business opportunity. He began by designing and selling security software against all manner of spyware intrusion. But his reputation for public integrity over profit had been called into question in the years before his recent passing.


Did He Or Didn't He?

After news broke Wednesday that tech entrepreneur John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee antivirus software company, was found dead following a suspected suicide in a Spanish jail cell while awaiting extradition to the United States, Twitter users were quick to dig through the tech mogul’s social media feed.

Several posts stood out, leading many to suggest that the cause of McAfee’s death remains far from certain.

Soon after his arrest, McAfee tweeted from a Barcelona jail cell and directly referenced the conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

“I am content in here. I have friends,” McAfee tweeted on October 15

‘He Was Epsteined’: Conspiracy Theories Swirl After John McAfee’s Tweets Resurface Following Alleged Suicide

One of the charges against Mr. McAfee was gun running.



Janice McAfee  


This is my favorite picture from your jailhouse photoshoot! I love your smile in this one @officialmcafee



Image4:05 PM · Jul 25, 2019 from Boca Chica, Dominican Republic - What was McAfee so suicidal over? Perhaps the charges, in and of themselves were not serious enough that a million dollars worth of legal help couldn't have defeated them, under normal circumstances. But fighting the U.S. Government and the power of central banks, to print what it takes, to obtain legal and other objectives, is another matter.


McAfee Case Overview And Questions in Very Brief

To believe that the government contracted the death of John McAfee, you need to believe they would go to the trouble of extraditing him, only to kill him before he got on the plane.  To believe the government, you need to see John, as a wild, irrational, out for himself swindler.


A Look at the U.S. Government

McAfee qualifies as a prime, globalist enemy. Those who work for globally centralized control of governments in the U.S. and elsewhere, had reasons to want him neutralized in some way. The fact is that with enough time, money, and muscle, well trained intelligence can accomplish almost anything.
Also along these lines, the governments case looks weak, vague and applicable to many people, not involved in crime or considered a potential enemy of the state. Since a good intelligence operation historically acts when least expected, getting rid of him before he has one last chance to publicly defend himself and raise public questions about government conduct, and potentially flimsy charges, may have been a motive to get him before a U.S. legal battle.
McAfee threatened the government with embarrassing disclosures as part of his defense if pressured. What it was and how big an impact it could have had is questionable. The government would have had to fear public scrutiny over his possible political prisoner status, involving arguably minor offenses, enough to kill him.


A Look At John McAfee

First, like the government, he also had the means to arrange suicide. A look at his finances appearance and disciplined habits, along with a consistent political, individual rights message indicates he would have arranged to do it only if there was no other choice. Although punctuated by questionable business deals after the demise of his virus software interests, he still projected a steady approach to projects often filled with rugged twists and turns. His enemies were known to be rugged and opportunistic as well.
He had an active imagination. His steadiness in keeping up his health and business while in prison, suggests he was not prone to suicide. They suggest focus and determination. But who knows what conditions would have been like for him in the U.S. He may have been given the status of political criminal, similar to those charged with insurrection, some for trespassing and still others for vandalizing congressional offices in the nations capital, on January 6 of this year. Many non vandalizers in that case, according to statements by supporters, are still cut off from the outside, in cell blocks with terrorists. You would have to believe he knew he was guilty, and/or unable to mount a successful defense, and he feared that kind of long term treatment, to believe he committed suicide.


The Case

The McAfee case has been vague in MSM reporting so far. The Daily Wire, not Officially MSM, article link is above. Here is another excerpt outlining the charges against him from the N.Y. Post.

McAfee, 75, allegedly racked up the multi-million dollar income through speaking engagements, selling the rights to his story for a documentary, doing consulting work and promoting cryptocurrencies online, according to the indictment.

This could apply to the entire Trump, Obama, Clinton and Biden families, to name a few. Simply change, promoting crypto, with promoting charities and business deals. But there is no obvious rush by government, to immediately jail them. However the weapons charge is another matter.
Another Post article, on that charge, included in the current indictment

John McAfee of antivirus software fame and his entourage were detained for several days in the Dominican Republic after authorities discovered firearms and ammo on his yacht, according to reports.

No indication how many guns, of what type or whether it was a simple paperwork matter. The kind of financial legal paperwork, requiring payment of fees to officials, often expected to be negotiated by millionaires on yachts, upon entry at various international ports of call? Do the prominent American families, like Biden and Trump have armed protection and therefore, guns on board their yachts? You betcha!



Any MSM attempts to report conclusively that Mr. McAfee committed suicide, because of the charges alone set against him are questionable. Do do so it must be proven that he feared the charges, more than the enemy or enemies against him. That he feared the nature of the charges, more than he feared his enemies and court accusers, ability to deprive him of a pampered lifestyle, to potentially face the end of his life in jail, while hopelessly fighting the charges.
Perhaps fear of his enemy more than the charges alone would have driven him to suicide. But unless his constant public statements about disappearance of him, by government, through suicide, were a cover for his ultimate decision on the matter of his life, he did not kill himself. One also must believe he was unprepared, or afraid to face the charges and the fight it would take to be eventually released on bail, and, or, cleared of charges.  If he failed in court he would face an unjust, from his point of view life in prison. He had a lot of supporters, who believed he was prepared in every way and could win. They are among the first to question the reports of his suicide.

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