GOP Rep. Ellzey asks: 'who's behind the curtain' at White House, As Harris Waits


NWON - People being triggered to bring in Kamala Harris, are also interested in finding out who really pulls the strings, not only of the Biden White House, but throughout the whole of government.  Voters calling for a wide investigation, fear Rep. Ellzey may not want to expose the whole truth, but only a cheap grandstanding portion of it, large enough for Republicans and his re-election to benefit from.


Kamala Harris Awaits Instructions As Calls Mount to Remove Biden

Beginning an investigation, while Biden is still in office, would some say make a more earnest investigation more likely. It would also potentially cause some criminals who are pulling strings outside of constitutional law, to make mistakes they might not make otherwise. As they are forced by his bumbling to pull Biden's strings constantly, many in the government may find their strings being pulled in unfamiliar, unscripted ways.


Article By Lisa Bennatan , Matt Wall | Fox News

Rep. Jake Ellzey, R-Texas, who deployed to Afghanistan three times as a Navy fighter pilot, told Fox News in an exclusive interview he wants to know "who’s behind the curtain" after President Biden said during a Thursday press conference that he had been "instructed" to call on certain reporters. 

Ellzey acknowledged that while it’s common for presidents to solicit advice from staff, he said "they don’t take instructions."

"Everybody who has a staff, takes input from that staff and they will either take their recommendation or not, but they don't take instructions and I think it's worth, down the road, finding out in the course of an accountability investigation, who’s behind the curtain?" asked Ellzey.

Ellzey told Fox News he and his colleagues on both side of the aisle are...

GOP Rep. Ellzey, former Naval aviator, wants to know 'who's behind the curtain' at White House ?

If Rep. Ellzey really wants to find out who is pulling the strings, for Biden, Biden needs to stay in office long enough for those responsible, to be pinpointed as they pull the strings. A scan of social media and other comment activity suggests a sizable percentage of voters believe that putting Harris in office was the plan all along. With a checkered history of backroom political dealing, many are asking what assurance voters have at this critical time, that her strings are not currently hardwired, and ready to be activated the moment Biden is pulled from office. Voters in large numbers also indicate they want the 'shadow government' exposed. But they are now faced with a hard choice in troubled times. But voters, who believe Kamala Harris was the first choice of a hidden government, now face the prospect of an incompetent puppet president being manipulated by hidden elements, or a fully functional puppet, who has been given a global agenda policy and spending vision to execute, far beyond the reach of Biden's apparently failing grasp of events.
Removing Biden from office before completing at least a preliminary investigation, into parties beyond rank and file staff ,according to where the  the evidence leads, may replace the man, but likely will not find if anyone instructed staff to seize unconstitutional power. Removal may short circuit a thorough investigation of staff in general. Installing Harris would also strengthens the polices, which Rep. Ellzey professes to oppose, which were delivered by staff in the same White House Harris is a part of. Many also were connected to Harris and others in the bureaucracy. An investigation can not be limited to staff if it is considered serious, as limited investigations are historically used to shield higher ups from scrutiny. If evidence requires further investigation into the bureaucracy, or Kamala Harris, or  it goes all the way to the Federal reserve, then that is what would be necessary under the constitution for high crimes.
But will voters be willing to play chicken with the big boys? Atrocities have already been committed under this government. A full investigation to be thorough, must find evidence as to whether this shaky administrative situation is due to incompetence or by design. The American people are beginning to realize they must demand full investigations or tribunals be pursued earnestly and soon, or voters will further relinquish their own shaky, increasingly impotent pretense of rule, under the Constitution, over a Constitutionally loyal government.

Decision Time

The Unknown for atheists, or Deity for believers runs the universe. Not knowing something even existentially is common. Not demanding to know immediately, something this vital to the survival of government under the Constitution, is presently an act of constitutional suicide with vital signs on critical.

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