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Samsung Galaxy S21. Courtesy of Samsung

[Opinion] The $200 Samsung trap

By JohnSickBoy | Inside_my_mind | 5 Feb 2021

afbc36f414d82035a781d50ba4ae7aeb98ba7930bf50eff6cc5ee06e0bec6ffe.jpgShould we be celebrating the $200 price drop?

By now, many of you would have heard about the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series and many are welcoming the 200USD price cut from its predecessor, the Galaxy S20 line (non-Ultra line).


However, many tech reviewers are justifying the loss of the glass back (on the standard s21), expandable storage, lower resolution display and included charging head with the “discount of 200USD. Many of which are defining features to purchase Samsung and many Android phones.


At this point, you may be thinking that it is reasonable for there to be a price drop with feature drops. However, Samsung INCREASED the prices of their s-series smartphones by 200USD last year. This means that users that purchased the s10 series smartphones will lose features while the price of the phones stay the same for them.


Retail price when they came out:

S10: 799USD

S20: 999USD

S21: 799USD


The verdict: Don’t be fooled by Samsung’s price drop of their latest flagship smartphone.  They increased the price by 200USD last year just to drop the price this year while removing features.

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