HOW TO MOD 771 Xeon CPU's to 775 Core 2 Quad CPU's

By CN00b | Inside My Laptop | 4 Jun 2019

Hi everybody,

In this tutorial i'll show you how to transform a cheap and unuseful server CPU into a QUAD PC CPU.

Please note that not all the XEON CPU's can be modded, only some of, due to architecture and PC motherboard chipset.


1. All you need is an adapter. It can be find very easy and this is quite a cheap solution: i paid 1$ for 3 pcs.

2. The adapter must be placed on the CPU side with "002" numbers, on second line close to right side of the CPU. ( triangle mark - also, the mark is on adapter, indicating the direction). The adapter is auto-adhesive.

3. The adapter holes must fit perfectly on CPU connectors. To fit 775 socket, the two tabs must be removed with a sharp blade, but very careful, not to bent any socket pin. On the socket metal side is a triangle mark: that shows you the CPU position.

You can use a magnifier glass, to be sure that the position is perfect.


Notice that Intel Xeon 5xxx Series CPU's are supported only by P45, P43, P35, P31, P965, G45, G43, G41, G35, G33, G31, nForce 790i, 780i, 740i, 630i, GeForce 9400, 9300, nForce 680i and 650i chipsets.

If you own a motherboard with one of the mentioned chipsets and getting rust, invest 5-10$ and you'll have a QUAD PC. You can run it as a masternode ( lower the frequency or lock cores), mine some CPU coins or just play. I played World of Tanks with a XEON and acts flawless!

The work and the content is 100% mine.

For any questions, feel free to ask!


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