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Part of the research involved in creating new products is market research. One could work on development all day, but if you aren't coming up for air and actually playing within the environment you are designing for, how do you grow?

One of these exercises came as a surprise in the form of a quickly put together online #convention. #PaizoCon, a Pacific Northwest gaming event ran by Paizo Inc. and fans had to cancel like a lot of in-person events. But through the technology of the day, an online version of it quickly arose from the ashes with the potential for reach previously impossible. My move from the NW to the Twin Cities now suddenly means I can make a PaizoCon comeback and return to progressing the story arcs of two beloved characters for #PathfinderSociety (PF1e Aasimar Divine Hunter and PF2e Halfling Runescarred Cleric), all while outside of regular work hours.

In addition to this are live-streamed panel discussions on everything from strategy to future plans of the game I'll be able to drop in and listen to throughout the week. It should be an enriching time as both a player and publisher. Game on!

Interested in joining? Sign-up at #tabletop #rpg

Steady tides be with you,

Ryan | Aqualith Media

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