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Initial Look: DFX / Definitex

By The Otaku Investor | Initial Look | 8 Sep 2020

This is an initial look at the "new" currency Definitex. This article is simply to state facts about the currency and have an overall quick look. It's usually not the best idea to invest into any new ERC20 Tokens since there is no guarantee that it is legit. I do not promote any currencies nor do i want you to buy them. -絶死絶命

What is Definitex and what does it solve?

Definitex (DFX) is a newly created ERC20 Token aiming to be the first DEFI crosschain p2p lending platform. Being implemented with a global mobile payment and LAO (loan as overdraft) system.

DEFI seems to be in everyone's mouth at the moment. Cryptoprojects are being developed daily by enthusiasts all over the planet. Thus Definitex believes that they as a new, easy to access coin, can attract regular people into the world of crypto and decentralised finances. With a loan based p2p mobile application they certainly would hit a big spot in the market. The white-paper states the following features to be implemented:

Saving Accounts, Flash loans, Instant payments via NFC

Definitex platform users can get instant loans and make
payments using them in few seconds. It is about a time to
get rid off bank loans. No one can decide, if someone can
get a loan or not. Decentralisation is here.

DFX Stats and Market value:

Technology: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 350'000

Current Token holders: 533 (Etherscan.io)

Token Value launch: 1ETH = 560 DFX (0.75$)

Token Value current: $1.1400 @ 0.003275 Eth (-43.05%)

Currently available on exchange: Uniswap(v2)

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Initial Look
Initial Look

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