The Best 3 Altcoins For Long Term!

By CryptoLovers | INFOCryptos | 15 May 2021

Stupid FOMO


In the last month, the fashion for shitcoins such as Safemoon, Shiba and many others has literally exploded, leaving behind what we can consider the best alternatives to Bitcoin: Altcoins.




For Altcoin in fact we mean all those ALTernative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin and which obviously were born after it, as Bitcoin is the father of the blockchain and of all the cryptocurrencies existing in the world.


The ones that I am going to describe are what I think are the best Altcoins in circulation and that could give you immense satisfaction with long, very long-term investments.




The first Altcoin I want to tell you about is obviously the queen: Ethereum.


Ethereum is basically a digital platform that allows for the construction of decentralized applications.


The first idea of ​​ethereum was conceived by Vitalik Buterin together with numerous collaborators.


The Ethereum blockchain is very similar to that of Bitcoin however there are differences such as being able to create decentralized Dapps applications that do not need any manager to work.




In recent weeks the price of ethereum has skyrocketed and despite still having problems with really high Gas Fees, I trust that with Ether v2, things will improve and we will see Ethereum skyrocketing, my prediction is 8k by the end of the year.



The second Altcoin that is really worth a lot to me is ADA.




Ada was conceived by scientists who wanted to merge the characteristics of the two most important cryptocurrencies into one, that is, they wanted to combine the smart contracts of Ethereum with the deposit of Bitcoin value, essentially creating a perfect cryptocurrency.


Ada is based on the Proof of stake which, unlike Btc, allows for lower energy consumption and simplification of calculations within the blockchain.


Ada is for me the undisputed gem in terms of long-term investment and which just today hit $ 2.19, an incredible result but which only marks the beginning of this great cryptocurrency.



The third and final Crypto that I bring you today is "drum roll" ... Vechain!




Vechain is a project born under the Ethereum blockchain which it subsequently abandoned, to create its own by increasing the quantity and quality of the services it offers.


Despite being little known, Vechain has already gained the approval of numerous companies such as BMW, De Cecco, PwC and LVMH.


This makes us understand that Vechain is used by companies for problem management, development of new projects and calculation of possible costs or earnings, all concentrated in one thing.


Vechain aims to be used by all companies, from the smallest to the huge ones like BMW.


The value of Vechain hovers around you $ 0.18 and I believe that in the next few years we will see some incredible things that will give satisfaction to longtime holders.


Thanks for reading this article, see you next time!

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